Justin Bieber engages in violent exchange with fan

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Justin Bieber channeled his inner Muhammad Ali yesterday en route to a performance in Barcelona, Spain, against a fan who was attempting to touch the popular pop-star. Bieber’s car procession was passing by a long line of fans -or were they?- before a man stuck his hand inside the car.

To the bewilderment of onlookers and fans, the bystander suffered a bloody lip after the car passed through the crowds.

But controversy has not come as unfamiliar territory to Bieber, who has engaged in a fair amount of fights and behavior that some may consider to be peculiar. Earlier this year in June, he was reportedly involved in a scuffle with a man who wanted an autograph during the NBA Finals.

In 2014, Orlando Bloom and Bieber engaged in an alleged altercation over their girlfriends in Ibiza, which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. In January of that same year, Bieber was arrested for a DUI along with signer Khalil. After the arrest, there was a petition signed by over 270,000 people -which was later sent to the White House- to have him deported to Canada.

Bieber has been on and off in a lengthy amount of tour dates across the world to promote his most recent album, Purpose, which was released in November of 2015. His hit single, “What Do You Mean,” was the top song on the Billboard 100, making him the youngest musician to earn that honor.

While his successes abound, it seems that trouble has always been close to follow.

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