Cyber Monday Deals

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There are many days throughout the calendar that are crucial for many companies leading up to Christmas—one of the most profitable days of the year.

Indeed, there are better ways to shop during Black Friday than adding to the masses of crowds that trample through retail stores everywhere.  That’s where the Internet plays a key role for the consumer.

But there is one particular day that separates itself from the other times one can save the most during the year, which is known as Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday didn’t used to be the biggest day for online purchases across the world. In fact, its origin was first conceived in 2005 when the marketing team of coined the phrase after increasing its popularity through promotions and deals with after the fallout from Black Friday shoppers.

With that day on the rise, here are some of the more notable deals that you should bear in mind.

KitchenAid Mixer

Where: Target

Original price: $449.99

New price: $199.99

What: Looking to spruce up your kitchen with more utensils? Then the KitchenAid Mixer can be a great way to diversify your culinary decor. This mixer comes with 10 different speeds with a five quart capacity—making it a deal that you can’t afford to be missed.

Black + Decker Robotic Vacuum

Where: Walmart

Original price: $299.99

New price: $196.00

What: The future is here, and if you’re trying to outfit the house with an emphasis on a The Jetson’s approach, then the whirring Black + Decker Robotic Vacuum could be the quintessential fit. The multi-surface vacuum can also be scheduled to clean for certain days and times during the week, too.

Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Where: Amazon

Original price: $129.99

New price: $89.99

What: Ask, and you shall receive. Continuing on the futuristic decor line, this Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker will truly set you a part from your friends in the tech department. Originally designed to handle queries and commands, Alexa can do many tasks ranging from changing the lighting in your home -with independent programming- to telling you the current temperature outside. Either way, $40 in savings is a steal that you can’t afford to miss.

Apple iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 32 GB

Where: Best Buy

Original price: $399.99

New price: $274.99

What: Fear not, Apple and PC fans alike. It’s not too late to hop on the iPad bandwagon. The Apple iPad Air 2 comes with a touch ID fingerprint sensor that many iPhone users will be akin to from their past versions. It’s also the thinnest iPad compared to past generations, which makes it one of the more portable versions to date. If you haven’t had the satisfaction of using one of the most coveted tech products released by Apple, then now is the time.


Where: Macy’s or

Original price: Varies on product

New Price: 30% off

What: The ever-so-popular shoe will be making an appearance on Cyber Monday sales chart, and for good reason. These stylish version of what passes for sandals offer the perfect mix of ventilation and covering for your feet for almost any season.

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