Khloe Kardashian Opens up About Her Relationships in New Interview

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In the upcoming issue of ES Magazine, Khloe Kardashian reveals herself in more ways than one. On the front cover, she is wearing an oversized jean jacket, no pants, and glittery heels. On the inside of the magazine, her sincere interview reveals heartfelt confessions as she opens up about her closest relationships with her boyfriend, Kim Kardashian, and Caitlyn Jenner.

For example, Khloe made a testimonial regarding her loving relationship with 26-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers player boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. Confessing her love for Thompson, she was particularly clear about Thompson’s capability of being a father. She claimed, “He would be an impeccable father.” Keep in mind, Thompson does already have his own four-month-old son with his ex-girlfriend. Nonetheless, she repeated their future marriage and children together wasn’t happening now or anytime soon. She said, “my soul will let it happen.”

She also opened up about the Paris robbery of her sister by emphasizing her close relationship with Kim Kardashian. Considering some media suggested that Kim might be responsible for the robbery, she insisted otherwise. In the publication, she stated, “Kim is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met,” demonstrating close sisterhood and genuine love.

Khloe continued to expose her vulnerability as she spoke about her relationship with Caitlyn Jenner. She explained, “There’s no handbook for it all,” when she talked about Jenner’s transition from a man to a woman. She was unable to be empathetic because she didn’t know how Jenner was feeling through it all, but wished she [Jenner] talked about the transition more with her rather than the media.

Fearless and honest, Khloe spilled her heart out to ES magazine during this interview, but the publication is not out just yet. The full interview is available this Wednesday, so hang tight for more details.

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