How Your Favorite Celebs Spent Fourth of July

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While you were in the backyard BBQing, these celebrities were celebrating America exactly like you, lavishly, in style or even mysteriously. Check out what Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and Taylor Swift were up to yesterday in honor of America’s birthday.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed where Jennifer Lopez was located, we do know that Lopez was singing and dancing at a house party to celebrate the fourth. She performed an impromptu array of singing and dancing in a living room to her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, family and friends in an adorable white and laced mini dress. She sang  Ni Tu Ni Yo, which will be on her upcoming Spanish-language album and announced that this song was available at 9:30 pm on iTunes through an Instagram caption.

The exes, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, spent the fourth of July with their three children despite the break up. They celebrated the fourth by attending a fourth of July festival, chowing down on hotdogs, and walking their golden retriever in Brentwood, California. They recently told ET that they wanted to keep their kid’s lives as normal as possible and enjoy doing things as a family unit.

Oddly enough, Taylor Swift didn’t host her annual fourth of July bash, which she has been hosting ever since 2014. Even though there was a large american-themed floatie set up in her backyard once again this year, there was no sign of a party. In fact, sources have reported that Swift might’ve hopped on her private plane with her mysterious boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift has kept Alwyn under the radar thus far and told PEOPLE that “She wanted to get to know him without any chaos. She has learned from the past.”

Clearly, these celebrities were up to similar festivities to you, with new boyfriends, or singing and dancing the night away.

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