Maria Menounos steps down from E!

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One of E! News’ favorite anchors in the past three years, Maria Menounos, recently underwent surgery due to a brain tumor and now must step down from her role on E!. Earlier this year, she was diagnosed with the brain tumor, after taking care of her Mom who also has a brain tumor.

39-year-old Menounos found out she had a golf-ball-size meningioma brain tumor that pushed on her facial nerves initially this year. She reported that she was suffering from slurring words out of her control and excessive dizziness. Even though this would come as a shock to most people, Menounos also reported that she saw this coming and somewhat expected it.

When the doctors told her that she had a tumor she even said, “I didn’t cry. I actually laughed. It’s so surreal and crazy and unbelievable that my mom has a brain tumor–and now I have one too?”

Menounos’ mother has stage 4 brain cancer, but also underwent surgery. Thankfully, Dr. Keith L. Black removed 99.9 percent of the tumor. Nevertheless, Menounos has been taking care of her Mother for a long time, so it was shocking to see the roles reverse.

Most importantly. Menounos’ seven-hour surgery went smoothly and she is recovering at home. She isn’t completely healthy, obviously, and is suffering from numbness and unstable walking. However, she is on the road to recovery, and hopefully it will be a speedy one.

Aside from co-anchoring on E!, Menounos also worked on a school-based Channel One News program, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Extra, The Challenge, and Oxygen’s Chasing Maria Menounos. Clearly, the star has had ample success in her life thus far.

SD Entertainer will let you know if there are any further updates regarding Menounos’ recovery process. For now, make sure to keep her in your thoughts during this difficult time.

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