Gay Pride Parades 2017

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In the month of June, there has been an abundance of celebrations of love in various cities for Pride Month. Thousands of people have come together to prove that love is love all over the world. There have been parades in Minnesota, San Francisco, and Canada and supporters marched in rainbow colored clothes with loving texts painted on signs.

One of the most touching parades we’ve seen so far was Toronto, Canada’s Pride celebration, considering the prime minister’s gleeful attendance. Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau marched along side his family with a rainbow filled maple leaf tattoo on his cheek. During the parade, he shook the people’s hands and smiled from ear to ear. He also tweeted, “Love is love. #PrideTO,” along with several photos in honor of the Pride celebration.

Many have recognized that Donald Trump has not mentioned the fact that June is Pride month. In fact, the same day that Trudeau marched in celebration of pride with his people, Trump was tweeting words of hate about Hillary Clinton.

If you want to come together in support of love being love, San Diego is having an LGBT Pride parade this coming July 15 beginning at the Hillcrest Pride flag on University avenue and finishing at Quince Drive. The theme is “Allied in Action: United for Justice,” and it is a free 1.1 mile march event. Feel free to invite your friends on Facebook in order to get the word out.

The San Diego Pride Parade is among the biggest parades in the nation and is expected to attract over 100,000 participants. We hope you can make this significant event to help celebrate the beauty of unity within diversity.

If you can’t make this particular event, there are other ways to show your support. In fact, there is a music festival to attend, senior accessibility, a motorcycle contingent, and other festival attractions to partake in.

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