Yoga Practices to Get You Through Stressful Times

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The phrase “no bad days” is a San Diego mantra that is taken with the utmost seriousness. But because we are human, stress still tends to find its way in, trying to take us down with it. That’s probably why yoga has become so popular in San Diego. It helps our bodies relax, regulates our breathing patterns, and reminds us to set our own intentions for the day.

Here are a few key yoga practices you can do at home or in the studio, that can help you out when the stress rises:


Yoga often begins with an act of intention, proclaiming what you want your time and focus to be centered around. Find a piece of truth that is meaningful to you and can combat any words of negativity.

Breathing Patterns

Take deep breaths throughout the day, releasing any negative toxins as you breathe out. Let the slowing down of your breath cause your whole body to enter into a more relaxing state.

“Let Goat”

As weird as it may sound, goat yoga is making the headlines. Find a goat yoga facility and learn how to ‘let goat’ as goats cuddle and walk around (or on) you. Some have found the animal interaction with these social goats to be therapeutic and helpful. Locations are limited and only a few exist around the country, but who knows… maybe a San Diego farmer will start something up soon.

Engage in Niyama

Niyama, one of the eight limbs of yoga, is focused on self-disciplines and spiritual engagement. For some it may be prayer, stepping inside a cathedral, attending a temple service, or one’s own form of contemplation. Find a contemplative posture that helps bring you back to your center.

Rest in Child’s Pose

The posture of kneeling can help people let go of control and enter into a posture of release. This basic pose will be practiced in almost every yoga class you attend, making it a great place for both beginners and advanced yogis. Find a spot in your room to stretch out and release your worries.

We recommend finding a yoga studio or online instructor before the stress hits you, so that when it does, you know where to turn. Namaste.

Katrina is an OBcean that spends her time drinking quality coffee and engaging in the community that she lives in.

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