Tips to Improve the Quality of Your iPhone Photos

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For most of us iPhone users, the device has become our go-to camera in capturing life’s everyday moments. From vast landscapes to memorable celebrations with friends, our photo library contains a wide variety of images that reflect the world through the user’s lens. Whether you want to share with your friends, post on social media, or just take a trip down memory lane, use these simple tips to take the quality of your iPhone photos up a notch.

Set the focus 

The camera’s focus is one of the key aspects in ensuring your photos come out crisp and sharp. Your phone won’t always autofocus exactly how you want, so make sure to focus manually by tapping the spot in the frame that you want to be the clearest; the camera will do the rest.

Manually adjust exposure

Sometimes you’ll want to have a greater degree of control over the amount of light exposure in your shot. If you need to adjust the level of brightness in your photo before shooting, simply drag your finger up for higher exposure or down for a lower exposure. 

Turn on Smart HDR 

Turning on Smart HDR (High Dynamic Range) will ensure your photos have a nice even exposure. Head over to the Settings app, then select Camera. From there, scroll down and select Smart HDR. 

Use burst mode for action shots 

If your subject is fast in motion, you’re going to want to use the burst mode to ensure you don’t get any blur. Simply hold down the shutter button, and your camera will take approximately 10 shots per second. Later on, you can select which photo you like the most, and delete the others to save space on your phone.

Don’t use digital pinch-to-zoom

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when shooting on your phone is using the digital zoom. Using this will result in a major loss of detail in your shots, so it’s best to either move closer, or use the telephoto lens in your iPhone for any zoom needs. 

Use the rule of thirds when composing a photo 

Composition refers to where you will place the focal point of the photograph in the frame. While it may seem like a good idea to make the focal point directly in the middle, the rule of thirds states you should place the most important elements off-center. This ensures a more natural composition that is much more engaging and pleasing to the eye. 

Use the grid 

The camera grid is a great tool to help you maintain symmetry in your shots. To turn it on, go to Settings > Camera > Grid. The camera grid will help you position key elements in each of your shots, and it will automatically switch positions whether your shooting vertically or horizontally. 

Try different perspectives 

Creativity is everything when it comes to capturing that truly unique shot. Try experimenting with alternative points of view next time you are taking pictures. Whether it be shooting from a low perspective or looking straight up at the ceiling, fresh perspectives can help your photos stand out from the rest. 

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