10 Simple Eco-Friendly Swaps To Reduce Waste

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Now more than ever, society is more aware of the impact we have on the environment. We have seen the damage to our oceans and wildlife caused by garbage, mostly consisting of single-use plastic items. And with our busy lives, it’s easy to forget how much we use and dispose of in a day. Nowadays, companies are creating reusable products to replace single-use items to encourage people to reduce waste production. Check out these reusable items that you can incorporate into your everyday lives.

Reusable water bottles vs plastic water bottles 

This is perhaps one of the easiest changes you can make, and in the long run, it will even save you money! Forgo buying big packs of plastic water bottles, and instead get yourself a high-quality reusable bottle that you can fill up whenever you need to. 

Reusable shopping bags vs plastic bags 

Buying a few reusable bags is a cheap and convenient swap that will eliminate your use of plastic bags, which are a huge risk to the environment. Simply keep a few reusable bags in the trunk of your car so they are accessible during your shopping trips. 

Home cutlery vs plastic cutlery 

When ordering takeout, simply ask the restaurant to not include plastic cutlery in your bag. Plastic cutlery cannot be recycled, and is usually dumped in a landfill where it will stay for thousands of years. Just use your metal cutlery at home, which can be reused and washed easily. 

Mason/tin jars vs plastic containers 

Make the switch from plastic to mason/tin jars for all your food container and storage needs. They are exceptionally sturdy and very versatile, especially when it comes to using it as a cup for your smoothie, coffee, or water. They can also be used for soups, parfaits, or even an entire packable mason jar meal. 

Reusable coffee cup vs single-used coffee cup 

Single-use coffee cups may be commonplace in your morning routine, but go the extra mile and bring your own coffee cup to your local cafe – some even offer small discounts for doing so!

Reusable straws vs plastic straws 

This is one that may be difficult for some, as plastic straws have become so commonplace and convenient in our lives. However, reusable straws have certainly improved over the years, making it easy for you to bring one along with you wherever you go. Often made out of glass, stainless steel, or bamboo, reusable straws are easy to use and clean, and you can rest assured you’re not contributing to the 180 billion plastic straws discarded every year. 

Tea strainers vs tea bags 

Single-use tea bags are another example of unnecessary waste, especially when a tea strainer can be used over and over again. Get yourself a tea strainer, and purchase loose leaf tea in bulk to cut back on waste, and ensure you get the freshest cup of tea possible. 

Silicon mats vs parchment paper 

Silicon mats should be your next purchase when it comes to all your baking needs. These nifty mats are a cheap and effective solution to ensure your baked goods cook without the annoyance of sticking to the pan. They can be reused thousands of times, and even help cut down on oil/fats since they do not need to be greased. 

Natural deodorant vs traditional deodorant 

The majority of conventional deodorants are made with tons of toxic chemicals and are packaged in non-recyclable plastic containers. Try switching to natural deodorants, which are made with all-natural ingredients that are easy on your skin, and come in recyclable packaging. 

Buying in bulk vs plastic packaging for groceries 

Time to head over to the bulk goods section of your local grocery store. Here, you can fill up bags of whatever goods you need, saving you from a ton of non-recyclable packaging with traditional grocery products. Examples of bulk groceries include cereals, nuts, grains, oatmeal, coffee, flour, sugar, and many more. 

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