Staying Fit During the Holidays

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Most people don’t want to worry about weight during the holidays, and most certainly don’t want to hit the gym on Thanksgiving since you know you’ll be indulging in yummy food all day. Staying fit during the holidays may be challenging, but it’s all a mindset that you have to work through with yourself. If you don’t want that extra “holiday weight” this year, then it’s time for a change.

You need to remember that eating healthy and working out should not be viewed as an all or nothing mindset. You may think that since it’s the holidays, you can workout less because celebrating is the perfect excuse to eat sweet treats and watch movies all day with your family, which is okay. Creating a balance of working out and eating healthy, and having those lazy days of eating mom’s home-made lasagna while watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas, is very important. Having things in moderation aren’t bad, so make sure you create your balance of fun times with your family, and hard workouts at the gym.

Another way that you can stay fit during the holiday season, is to make working out a family outing. Most people want to stay home and spend time with their family during this time of year. Plan workout classes or hikes with your family to make sure you all stay active together. Sign you and your sisters up for a fun spin class in the morning and enjoy time together at a coffee shop after, sipping on your favorite non-fat lattes. Or plan a family hike at sunset to sunset cliffs and enjoy the view while getting your cardio in for the day. Make an agreement with your family that twice a week you will all do an active outing together. This way you aren’t going overboard, but still get in some exercise with your family and friends.

Stop dieting and realize that being healthy isn’t just a January-August lifestyle, it is your entire lifestyle. Being healthy and eating well isn’t something that should be temporary, because diets never work. If you want to stay fit or get healthier than you already are, you need to stop thinking that dieting is seasonal. When you live a healthy lifestyle in general, you will feel less guilty about indulging in mom’s Christmas cookies because you know you will go to the gym and eat a spinach omelet tomorrow, because you have balance. The holidays may be your excuse to get out of your healthy lifestyle, but remember that in the end balance is what will keep you in shape. Don’t think that a “New Years Resolution” diet will cure you, because you will just be discouraged that you have to re—learn your once healthy lifestyle.

In the end, the best way to staying fit over the holidays is to remind yourself how far you have come, and how you don’t want to start over. Let yourself have that Christmas cookie and movie night with your family, but go on a hike and make a healthy family breakfast the next day. Health is easier to maintain with a buddy, so make sure you and your family keep each other accountable, and have a healthy holiday season.

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