Author Spotlight: Stephen King

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With Netflix and television replacing books as the preferred method of entertainment, it is important to highlight those who have brought such esteem to the world of writing. There are countless books out on all kinds of subjects for people to joy, it simply is having the patience to pace your way through the story it tells. Reading books is like being given a script, and you’re the director of the story you’re reading in your own mind. One of the best authors to paint a picture with his stories is the classic horror writer, Stephen King. Let’s take a look at some of his best works.

It is known to be one of the scariest novels Stephen King has ever produced. Written in 1986, this massive 1100 word book can be quite the undertaking to finish, but it is more than worth it. The story revolves around a group of 7 children who are continuously being terrified and hunted by a malevolent entity, referred to as It, that typically takes the shape of a clown. It preys on the fears of its victims, and typically only hunts young children. The story takes place in 2 parts with it switching back from when the kids are 13, and later on when they are 40. The book was released to critical acclaim, and is truly one of the few books that kept me up at night when I tried to sleep. The novel was adapted to the big screen, with the latest version coming out earlier this year, and was a smashing success. It is recommended that you try reading the book first, as you will enjoy the movie much better, and be able to fill in more of the details. Order the novel or online or buy it for your e-reader device here.

Straying away from the typical horror themes that Stephen King has written about, his novel 11/22/63 is part sci-if, part historical fiction, and it is a wickedly interesting story. The premise of the book is that an English teacher finds a portal in his favorite local diner that is capable of transporting him back to the late 1950’s. Before going, he is asked by the owner of the diner to complete the mission he was never able to do: Stop the assassination of President Kennedy. The wonder of this novel is that King is able to make you feel as if you’ve transported back into a simpler yet more charming version of America. For those who were not alive during that time, it is a unique glimpse into the way of life 60 years ago. The characters are well developed, and by the end you will find yourself emotionally connected to them. Despite it being historical fiction, there are real life historical figures all throughout the book, and you’ll find yourself learning some interesting things from that time period. If you want to check out 11/22/63, you can find it here.

The Stand is widely consumed to be Kings best work. The novel starts off with a weaponized influenza strain being accidentally released into the public. This quickly causes the world to descend into chaos, leaving the the remaining people alive in a dystopia ravaged by the virus. King outlines the remains of civilization in this book, and explores parts of the human psyche. It details the slow descent of decency when faced in the throes of chaos and disorder. The characters are incredibly developed, with one even being featured in multiple King novels. If you would like to read The Stand for yourself, you can order it here.

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