Specialty Spas in San Diego

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The spa is the perfect place to relax, and enjoy your day off with the girls. San Diego is home to some of the most luxurious and lavish spas that will answer to your every need. Make your trip to the spa an entire day time event, while improving your overall health and beauty confidence. Not all spas are created equal – Some specialize in something unique, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Spa at L’Auberge

Enjoy a day of relaxing at a spa that was named in “The Top 25 Spas in the US”. Renew your health and clear your mind with the sound of crashing waves in the background. They can personalize your spa treatment, and create something absolutely unique. You can also enjoy the fire pit and outside seating area for a fresh and salty sea breeze.

The Spa at Paradise Point

If you are looking for a spa destination with a story, The Spa at Paradise Point has treatments from all over the world available for you. You will have no choice but to relax with the sea breeze and glamorous treatment rooms. Paradise Point wants to send your physical and mental state into a deep form of relaxation. This spa offers the exclusive Hydra Facial, which is a natural treatment that a numerous of well known celebrities take part in.

Float Spa San Diego

You don’t have to travel all the way to the salty Dead Sea to be able to float with no effort. The Float Spa in San Diego is giving you the opportunity to float in 1,200 pounds of Epson Salt, complimented by 10 inches of water. This float therapy has numerous health benefits that will set your body into a peaceful state of relaxation. This unique spa will allow you to float your stress away, while calming your body and repairing it. Floating can also help with injury and anxiety, so take a chance and take a dip, in one of the saltiest places in San Diego.

Wat Po Thai Day Spa

This day spa specializes in traditional Thai and Thai Combo massages. These special massages originated in the Buddhist culture, teaching the importance of taking care of your health, while allowing people to become one with their body, mind, and spiritual side. Embrace the gentle rocking and stretching that is involved in these healing sessions, further helping you rebuild and repair.

Girl on the Go! Day Spa

This spa understands that everyone deserves to relax, but that not everyone can make time for it in their busy weekly schedule. Girl on the Go! offers luxurious skin care treatments at night, so that working women won’t have to take time off from the office, and can still get their skin maintenance in. This full service spa is special because it is open at night, so if you are an evening person are work during the day, you can still get the pampering you deserve. No matter your schedule, you can always make time for yourself, and Girl on the Go! makes it easy.

Enjoy your day at any of these unique spas, and send your body into a permanent state of relaxation.

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