Summer Flowers in Bloom

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Take a minute out of your busy day, to stop and smell the dahlia’s. The fresh breeze is filling the cloudless San Diego skies, and the most elegant flowers are in bloom. Enjoy the aroma of fresh flowers, with all of the beauties that are currently in bloom.

Baby’s Breath

These delicate flowers also go by the name of Gysophila. They are native in many countries such as Eurasia, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. The story behind the name “baby’s breath”, involves the concept that these flowers are used at weddings, and represent everlasting love. The white petals symbolize the pureness of true love, with their simple and elegant features.


This elegant flower is brightly colored and popular due to its intense beauty. The Dahlia is a genus from the herbaceous plants that are originally from Mexico. Dahlia’s come in all sorts of sizes, including the “dinner plates”, that can grow up to 5 feet while being 12 inches across. Many breeds of Dahlia’s are a mixed species now, the most popular being Dahlia coccinea with Dahlia pinnata.

Casa Blanca Lily

This large white beauty is very popular in the wedding scene, due to it’s elegance and the ambiance that it creates. The strong stems are important for the growth of the flower that originated in the northern hemisphere. These flowers are on the larger side, and come in other shades such as pink, orange, and yellow.


These beautiful lavender flowers are native to the Balkan Peninsula, growing in the hillsides of the beautiful country. Lilac’s are found in the wild, and grow between 2 meter to 10 meters tall. The dainty little flowers are perfect for anyone that enjoys the shade of purple, or who love the simplicity of lilacs. Each individual lilac is quite small, but they grow in bundles, creating a little corner of purple and beautiful delicacy in the world.


These flowering plants are harvested for its intense flavor. Ginger is also used as a spice, and sometimes in medications. This herbaceous perennial sprouts shades of yellow petals, with detailed green leaves. Ginger is native to India, and planted as a crop in Asia as well. Use ginger as a tasty spice, and watch it grow with yellow details to compliment it.

Star Gazer

This vibrant flower will make your nose tingle with fruity flavors, as these lilies are known for their aromas that are used in perfume. This is the perfect summer flower, considering it needs full sunlight in order to grow, and they are a very simple flower to plant. This  stunning and scenic flower is a double threat with its impeccable beauty, and delicious scent.

There are many flowers in bloom right now in this summer sunlight. Discover your favorite flower this season, and learn more about the delicate plants that you thought you knew. Summer is a time to fill your house with fresh blooming flowers, and to add detailed beauty to your living space.

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