Date Ideas for San Diego Couples

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One of the best parts of life in a big city is all the different options for date nights.  If you’re a thrill seeker or you’re looking for something more laid back and intimate, whether you’re just interested in a spring fling or you’re in more of a committed relationship, we have some ideas for all different types of personalities and romances in San Diego.

If you’re just getting to know each other and you’re still in the honeymoon phase, you probably want something quiet and intimate (but still casual) that will allow you the space to make conversation. Sometimes it’s hard to find an atmosphere that still feels vibrant and fun without loud music that gets in the way of talking. Mitch’s Seafood has a relaxed, welcoming charm and you can stay for hours. Sit outside on the deck and enjoy the breeze as you take in the scenery of downtown and the San Diego Bay. 

Maybe you and your partner like to stay active and get outdoors. Everyone knows that San Diego has miles and miles of beautiful beaches, but we also have great hiking nearby. Get up early and beat the crowds for a hike up Cowles Mountain in La Mesa or Mt. Woodson in Poway. Cowles is a moderate 3 mile trail with a view of Lake Murray. Mt. Woodson is a more difficult 7.5 miles that overlooks Lake Poway and its surroundings. If you’re looking for an epic view of the ocean and beautiful scenery, try Torrey Pines. There’s nothing like working up a sweat during a good hike through nature with your significant other.

If adventure is what you crave, try indoor skydiving at iFLY San Diego in Mission Valley. A flying session costs $79.95 per person, which includes all the gear you need, a personal flight instructor and two 1-minute flying sessions. The adrenaline will rise while you and your partner wait for your turn to fly and watch others enter the wind tunnel.  The two of you will suit up in your flight suits, helmet, and goggles (it’s good to look goofy in front of your partner every now and again, right?) Facing fears and getting your adrenaline pumping with your significant other is a great way to keep the spark alive, and iFLY San Diego is a just the place to fan the flame.

San Diego also has a softer, more romantic side. The Marine Room in La Jolla is an elegant, fine dining restaurant (there’s a dress code, so plan ahead and don’t wear a t-shirt or shorts). Your significant other will appreciate the gesture of a romantic meal on the coast. If it’s high tide, you might even see the waves crash against the windows of the dining room. 

Whichever phase of your dating relationship you’re in (or if you’re not dating and you just want a nice time out with friends), we hope you find the time to dine, exercise, and adventure through some of these great places in San Diego.

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