8 Skincare Secrets From Around The World

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The world is full of different cultures, each of which has its own secrets and traditional methods of healthcare. Many traditional ways of medicine and traditional methods of skincare are extremely useful and can be applied in the modern world with great effect. Some of the best of these involve simple herbs and other natural ingredients or simple actions which can help your health improve dramatically.

The world holds hundreds of different skincare secrets: some of them work, some of them don’t. If you are looking for the ones which DO work, and which aren’t too difficult or disgusting to do, then the following list will help you. The top eight skincare secrets from around the world include:

  1. Bath in milk:

This is a method of skincare which comes from the exotic location of urban France. French women traditionally added a few cups of milk or cream to their bath regularly. The milk contains lactic acid which acts as an exfoliant and skin softener. After using a milk bath, you will feel refreshed, revitalized, and your skin will be glowing and healthier than ever before. And even better, it will brighten your skin up more than any skin whitening cream.

If you suffer from acne or irritated skin, then you can add some raw honey to your bathwater at the same time. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action of the honey will allow your skin to heal in peace, removing all the nasties which may have been hurting it.

  1. Drink Matcha green tea and treat yourself as you deserve to be treated:

Take some tips from Japan and use Matcha green tea as a dietary supplement to revitalize your entire body. Matcha green tea is a variety of tea which is unrivaled in its antioxidant and mineral content. It helps burn fat, reduces the risk of cancer, and helps to detoxify your entire body. This detoxification process removes all sorts of nasty and toxic chemicals from your body, which will naturally leave your skin soft and wonderful.

Japanese women are also very gentle and careful with their bodies. When washing themselves, they always do so gently, never rubbing or scrubbing their skin roughly. They are also very careful in their day to day lives, treating their skin with extreme care.

  1. Use honey and lemon juice like the Indians:

Indian women use a variety of ingredients in the bath as they do in the kitchen. Many of the lotions and creams they use as part of their beauty regime are made from common food products found in most kitchens.

One of the best of these is a simple facial cleanser made from a honey and lemon juice paste. The honey and lemon juice are mixed together (make sure the honey is unprocessed and the lemon is fresh), and rubbed into the skin. After 5-10 minutes the skin is rinsed with warm water and moisturized with a natural coconut oil moisturizer.

  1. Remove stretch marks, Chinese style:

Stretch marks are seen as ugly and imperfect in traditional Chinese culture. It makes sense therefore that Chinese women have developed a method for removing any stretch marks they may develop. Simply rub pure camellia oil on the area of your body that you are worried about every morning and every night. The oil – like most essential oils – has revitalizing properties which will help remove the stretch marks and which will leave your skin feeling soft and new. Regular use of this oil can also help prevent skin discoloration and damage from other processes.

  1. Take some tips from the Scandinavians:

Scandinavian women are world famous for their beauty. With blond hair, blue eyes, and pale, flawless skin to match, they are often seen as the embodiment of beauty. However, it is more than just genetics that give women from northern Europe their good looks.

Their cold environment and the lack of sunlight there contribute to their smooth, undamaged skin. They eat a lot of healthy fats and berries (traditionally anyway) which are packed full of antioxidants which prevent aging and make the skin appear youthful and soft.

  1. And the Greeks?

Greek women are famous across the world for their beauty, and for their wonderful skin in particular. There is one reason for this: they treat their skin to a refreshing dose of olive oil every single day. Olive oil is a wonderful moisturizer which has many benefits and effects. Some of these benefits include:

  • Olive oil helps soothe sunburn and helps to heal sun damaged skin – something which is unsurprisingly common in Greece.
  • It has incredible hydration properties, moisturizing your skin without blocking pores or creating an overly oily look.
  • It also is a good anti-inflammatory which can be applied to red and irritated areas of the body to reduce discomfort.

Italian women also make use of olive oil lotions, and they also have wonderful skin compared to many other people around the world.

  1. Australian bush remedies:

Australia is known to be a harsh country of desert and unforgiving sunlight. It follows therefore that the native Aboriginals must have developed ways to deal with their harsh environment and look after themselves.

One of the main skincare products used regularly by Aboriginal women was yarrow root. It has become common across modern Australia due to its moisturizing and revitalizing powers. It is used to prevent and reduce the effects of stretch marks, to hydrate the skin after extended time in the sun, reduce the effects of aging.

  1. Use orange juice to hide large pores:

Costa Ricans traditionally used a combination of orange juice and water (50/50) to shrink the pores on their face. Although this isn’t a long-term solution, there are some cases where it could come in useful. Simply swab the orange juice mixture onto your face with a cotton wool ball, wait a few minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. The treatment will work better if you are careful and make sure that your face was clean first. Your skin should look much better and your large pores will be much less obvious for some time following this treatment!

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