New Year, New You: Fun Ways to Get into Shape in 2017

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A New Year brings forth a fresh start in many aspects so why not get it started off right with your health in mind? So many of us set fitness goals that sometimes we can’t measure up to or fully commit to properly because life seems to get in the way.

Here are a few fun ways to get a good workout in as well as some healthy eating tips that won’t leave you famished or disappointed. You can do anything you set you mind to as long as you can commit and find motivation within.


The 30 day cleanse – This may seem scary, but is actually a very effective method that will leave you feeling energized and mentally ready to take on new things.

  •  Week 1- First 3 days you will need to detox your body from all of the bad that has built up through all of that holiday eating (we’re all guilty of eating those cookies). Raw fruits and veggies for the first 3 days of your choice (no processed veggies or fruits). After the detox you can move on to Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, and Dinner.
  • Week 2 – Breakfast 2 apples/2 grapefruits in morning when you wake up, and add in a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar. Snacks – any raw nuts, veggies, or fruits, Lunch- Protein, quinoa or brown rice or salad with protein. Dinner- Chicken or fish with a healthy carb (quinoa or brown rice) and veggies.
  • Week 3,4 – Same as above but fee free to create your twist on the way you like to make the food, remember to drink lots of water, no processed ingredients, and no alcohol during this cleanse.

By Week 3 you will be feeling less irritable and focused. Since there isn’t drinking on this cleanse you find yourself being more active doing hikes, Pilates, or even going out dancing as a sport with friends!


San Diego has so many hidden gems for hiking. If you’re not from here you may not know they exist, but even some locals don’t know all of the fun hikes. Lucky you, we, do! Included are our top choices to hike in San Diego.

Ho Chi Minh Trail – Located in La Jolla at Black’s Beach, this trail would be perfect for a beginner/intermediate hiker. This adventurous trail has a rope that you climb up the side from the the beach access entry, from there you walk a plank, and hike up moderate inclines. When you reach the top, can see all of La Jolla and the ocean view is one of the best in San Diego. Here is a link for directions both ways of entry for this trail Ho Chi Minh Trail Directions. Wear hiking shoes or workout shoes. Trail is approx 2.4 miles long. Grab some friends and check it out!

Sunset Cliffs Hike – Located in Ocean Beach, Sunset Cliffs is famous for it’s beautiful cliffs which makes for a fun way to explore, walk, or even check out the caves. This is an easy hike which is approx. 3.7 miles which isn’t too strenuous. The view is why people continue to come back here! Family and pet friendly as well! For more info please check out this site: Sunset Cliffs Hike


Tired of the same old workout and not seeing results? I think many of us can relate that our workout’s can get boring and repetitive in turn causing us to lose interest and fall back into those bad habits of not being active. These types of workouts are not only effective in achieving your fitness goals but they’re really fun!

A top choice these days hands down has to be Pilates, Pilates is the finest strength-training workout available for anyone, at any age.  It’s a path to a fuller, richer, healthier and more satisfying life. The functional strength and flexibility you will gain at Club Pilates won’t just benefit you while you’re exercising.

Class Suggestion: CARDIO SCULPT -PILATES CIRCUIT TRAINING WITH A CARDIO BOOST More info from Club Pilates click here: Cardio Sculpt Class 

Want something with a more circuit training like feel with a little edge? Boxing and Kickboxing will become your new best friend. Not only will you be kicking butt (literally) but you will see results fast and its challenging but also gets rid of stress from our day to day!

Title Boxing has many locations all over San Diego as well as the rest of the United States but the trainers and staff are so talented and helpful that you won’t want to leave! This is probably the funnest way to work out so grab your boxing gloves and some friends now! Monthly memberships range from $79.00-$180.00 but the amount of classes you take is unlimited which is an awesome perk.


Take advantage of these suggestions as they have provided many with positive “REAL” results, a magic pill will not get you into shape but a little dedication and focus will. You can do this! Cheers to the New Year, and the New You!


Cali girl at heart who enjoys the outdoors, writing, adventuring, and spending time with my daughter and loved ones. Cheers! "I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude." -Brene Brown

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