As San Diego Businesses Reopen, Shining a Light on Office Health

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Many offices likely started with Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer stations as the uncertainty of the pandemic made us re-examine the health and safety protocols in our offices. Now, with businesses reopening, they are looking at the health of their employees with a more long-term perspective. 

Discover Echo Inc., an advanced microscope manufacturer in San Diego, put their own office space “under the microscope” and found another local company, Lumenlabs, to help create a safe workspace with effective continuous disinfection. Advanced Discover Echo Inc. microscope designs are developed for critical life science applications that enable researchers to easily view, capture, and share publication-quality images. Echo provides a range of powerful state-of-the-art models used throughout academia and medical research with clients including the National Institute of Health, NASA, Harvard University, Pfizer and more. 

“Echo team members work closely together so the pandemic forced us to rethink how we return safely,” said Eugene Cho, Discover Echo Inc. CEO. “After studying our options carefully, we chose to install far-UVC Lumenizer model 300 fixtures throughout our gathering spaces. You put it up and forget about it.”

Compact, easy to install and maintain, the Lumenizer disinfection system is the most advanced far-UVC product available with universal applications for occupied spaces such as hospitals, public transportation, schools, commercial and government buildings. Scott Gant, Lumenlabs President and Co-Founder, shared, “Echo needed to improve air quality and get their employees back to work. The Lumenizer germicidal fixtures feature patent pending breakthroughs in the human-safe application of far-UVC light. Of all the pathogen-fighting resources available today, from air filtration to vaccines, the most impactful technology is far-UVC. At Lumenlabs we’re excited to create safer indoor environments that help people get back to business and the every-day, one-on-one engagement of normal life.” 

The Lumenizer disinfection system represents a safe and effective filtered 222nm far-UVC application clinically-proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi without harm to human tissue. Conventional germicidal UV light, emitting around 254nm, has been used for decades to disinfect unoccupied spaces. UV light is well-established as a highly efficient anti-microbial against bacteria and viruses, however, it cannot be used when people are present because higher wavelengths penetrate more deeply into tissues potentially causing damage to the skin and eyes. Filtered far-UVC emits lower wavelengths than traditional UVC with a peak at 222nm that does not penetrate the human dead skin layer or the eye’s tear layer.

Columbia University, under the leadership of Dr. David J. Brenner, Director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University, discovered the groundbreaking safety of far-UVC 222nm wavelength applications. Since the 1920s the Columbia University center has studied the effects of high and low dose radiation to solve biological problems. At a dose of more than 10 eV radiation ionizes atoms and molecules and breaks chemical bonds. According to years of research, the solution to preventing airborne pathogens is ultraviolet light.

“Lumenizer germicidal fixtures are protected by patent pending technology and trade secrets that represent major breakthroughs in the human-safe application of far-UVC light,” said Gant. “The devastation of the coronavirus pandemic has caused millions of deaths and trillions of dollars in worldwide economic losses,” Gant stated. “In defense of public health, the pandemic created a growing $34 billion dollar market for proactive disinfection. The Lumenizer disinfection system represents a safe and effective 222nm far-UVC application for occupied areas clinically-proven to inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi without harm to human tissue.”

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