Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

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Every once in a while, we lose track of time and we are faced with upcoming holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries sans-gift. But it’s nothing to feel bad about. If you somehow forgot that Mother’s Day is this Sunday, we have you covered with a few last minute gift ideas that will still feel thoughtful and sincere.

There’s no problem that a trip to Target can’t solve. Hop in the car, head to your nearest Target store, and fill a basket with items that your mom will love. Take a stroll through the aisles and collect soaps, moisturizers, and bath accessories that you know she’ll enjoy. Pick out a piece of simple jewelry that she can always wear to be reminded of you. There’s always cute pairs of loungewear and slippers to help her relax. And don’t forget to throw in some of her favorite munchies and candy! Wrap up all of her goodies in a cute bag or box. She will feel pampered and special when she sees a few of her favorite things all together in a gift wrapped by you!

Chances are, your mom used to love the crafts, projects, and trinkets that you would bring home from school. Our parents have always displayed our artwork (if we can really call it that) on the refrigerator, our shoddy ornaments have always been hung from the Christmas tree, and our sentimental projects have always been placed on walls throughout our childhood homes. But somewhere along the line we grew up and grew out of crafting things to take home to mom. If you’re running out of time and options for a special Mother’s Day, gift, consider some of these simple crafts that are full of sentimental charm. You’re an adult now, but your mom will still appreciate the gesture (and she’ll most likely still display your work).

DIY Tile Photo Coasters
DIY Magnets
52 Things I Love About You

Not a crafter? There are a lot of trendy items on the shelves at local department stores that would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. S’well water bottles are stylish, sleek, and they come in all different patterns and prints.  Glass terrariums are all the rage these days, and they’re a fun alternative to a bouquet of flowers. Our moms have been toting around purses since we can remember, so use Mother’s Day as an excuse to purchase her a new one.

If your mom is a chocoholic, pick her up a box of truffles from The Elegant Truffle in Point Loma. Maybe she’ll even share a few with you.

Every mom deserves to be treated like a queen on her special day, and gifts are one way to show her how much you care. Another way to express gratitude and respect for motherhood is to prepare a home cooked meal for your mom. Invite her over for brunch, or bring brunch to her. There is nothing your mom will enjoy more than the pleasure of your company, especially if she gets to enjoy your company along with scrumptious food.

Last minute Mother’s Day gifts don’t need to be generic or haphazard. If Mother’s Day crept up on you, we hope you take these quick fixes into consideration during the final hours when you’re shopping (or crafting) for mom.

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