The New Nintendo Switch

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Typically, game consoles make their debut right before the holiday season, ensuring major hype and, subsequently, major sales. The newest gamer craze, however, made its debut in early March. The Nintendo Switch console has been flying off of store shelves ever since it was first released in early March. Supply shortages are expected to persist all year long, but it looks like Nintendo managed to ship enough consoles to enjoy an explosive first quarter of sales.

So what do you need to know about the new Nintendo Switch?

First thing’s first: What is the Nintendo Switch? Nintendo Switch is a hybrid device designed to operate as both a home console and a handheld device. The Switch console is a tablet-like screen with two detachable controllers that slide into place at its sides. The Switch is thus named after its ability to morph into different modes. The 3 different modes are as follows:

TV Mode: You can insert Switch into a docking station, which allows it to be played on your television. The Joy-Con controllers can then be used wirelessly to play games from your couch; or they can be attached to a grip accessory to provide a more traditional controller experience. A Switch Pro controller is also available to use, but is sold separately.

Handheld Mode: You can eject Switch from its docking station and take it with you to play on the go. The Joy-Con controllers are attached directly to the sides of the screen, making it resemble a Wii U gamepad that can function on its own.

Tabletop Mode: You can setup the Switch’s inbuilt kickstand on any flat surface, and detach its Joy-Con controllers, allowing one to two players to enjoy games wherever they like.

Basically, gamers gonna game. The Switch allows total and optimal access wherever they gamer may be.

How much does it cost? Everybody wants to know what the damage to the wallet will be. For the low price of $299.99, the Nintendo Switch can be yours forever.

One downfall of the new console and perhaps the most widely criticized aspect is the pricing of accessories and games. The Nintendo Switch console is an all-new way to play and will not include backwards compatibility, so players will need to purchase new games. Based on the successful sales of the Nintendo Switch thus far, this seems to be only a minor setback for those purchasing the console.

We hope you get your hands on a console and enjoy the new way to play!

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