How To Best Furnish a Small Studio or Loft

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There is a poetic beauty about moving into a small loft apartment in a big city. The open space of a studio or loft gives you the freedom to define the room how you see fit, unconstrained by the bonds of traditional walls and doors. But even within this newfound freedom, there are still several unbreakable rules of design. Here are a few tips for how to best furnish your studio or loft.

Define the Spaces

Even in a place with no walls, it is still a good idea to separate certain areas. This separation, even though imagined, works by changing your mindset as you move from one space to the next, like walking from the living room into a bedroom or kitchen. An excellent way to define the various areas is through the positioning of furniture. Turning sofas to face each other creates natural boundaries.

Design Oddities

In a loft apartment, you may find some design oddity that serves no real purpose other than the addition of charm. This can include an upper loft for sleeping, nooks under building stairwells, and other unusual architectural decisions. These represent an excellent opportunity to flex your interior design muscles by creating a personalized area. Something as simple as placing a comfortable recliner next to a side table with a lamp and vase of flowers can turn what once was a curiosity into a personal retreat.

Choosing Furniture

When selecting the furniture itself, consider the features of the loft that you cannot change. Try to match the larger furniture to design elements in the space. As mentioned previously, one of the ways to best furnish your loft apartment is to use the furniture as dividers, but there are also other options, such as partitions and screens. Because of the open space, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with colors, as long as you keep them consistent and don’t go overboard.

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