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3 Simple Décor Ideas for a Home Wedding

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Weddings aren’t always grand, over-the-top events. For many couples, a dream wedding includes a cozy space and your closest friends and family. There are many reasons to host a smaller home wedding. The event will cost less money, which means you can save more for an extravagant honeymoon or a down payment on your first home. Smaller weddings also mean more intimate gatherings. Plus, with COVID-19 concerns, home weddings are a great way to hold a small ceremony now and wait to celebrate safely with everybody later. That said, home weddings don’t mean you have to miss out on a beautiful venue and decorations. Make your space stunning with these simple décor ideas for a home wedding.

Make Your Home Glow With Creative Lighting

The right lighting can completely transform a room. Create a warm and cozy space by decorating with white holiday lights. You can string lights along the walls and ceiling to light up the entire room or lay them out across tables to add a little glow to the space. Candles are also a great option for adding warm light to a room. Plus, you can choose your favorite scents or place them in decorative candle holders to add even more style to the space.

Use Food as a Decoration

You’re going to have food and drink stations anyway, so why not make them gorgeous? Add candles, flowers, or other small decorations to serving tables and around the cake stand. Arrange snacks in decorative bowls or on tiered stands. Chocolate fountains or colorful fruit trays also make a pretty sight. Putting a little effort into your food displays can make your space both functional and attractive.

DIY for a Personal Touch

Do you or anyone else in your wedding party like to get crafty? If you’re willing to try your hand at DIY, you can come up with some beautiful and simple décor ideas for your home wedding. You can use mason jars, recycled glass bottles, and other centerpiece containers to fill your tables with gorgeous arrangements of flowers, colorful stones, and more. Other cute ideas include tying ribbons around tables or chairs, hanging paper lanterns, or creating a photo wall full of pictures that you and your fiancé love.

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