Show Off Your Physique With These Tips For More Muscular Men

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If you spend a lot of time in the gym, you probably feel at home in workout gear. But wearing civilian clothes? That can be a challenge. Most retailers don’t carry sizes for muscular men, so you have to wear a shirt that fits your shoulders but is baggy around the waist. Or worse, you size down and end up with a tragically tight top. Use these dressing tips for men to show off your physique so you can look great without going over the top.

Tailor Everything

Going to a tailor can be a hassle. It takes extra time and money. But if you take care of yourself physically, you deserve a wardrobe that fits. In a perfect world, your clothes would be made for you. Until then, buy pieces that fit your larger muscles and ask your tailor to slim down the rest. Even cheaper staples are worth customizing. Once they’re skimming your physique, they’ll look expensive.

Accent Your Waist

Does the world need to see your abs through your clothes? No. But there are ways to show off a well-toned body without being obnoxious. Embrace belts as your secret weapons. Too often, belts are meant to hold up your pants and blend in quietly. Instead, make the most of this underutilized accessory by wearing more stylish belts that draw the eye. Your whittled waist will be apparent even under an open jacket.

Look for Stretch

Some stretch materials are flattering as long as you aren’t asking too much of them. If your bicep looks like it’s going to bust out of your polo shirt, you’ll get more eye rolls than admiring glances. But the right Henley shirt can stretch to fit your chest snugly and still give you a slim fit, even with another layer underneath. Furthermore, men’s jeans are entering a new era. More stores are stocking “athletic” fits that accommodate muscles, and the trend toward skinnier leg styles have introduced stretch denim. Once you’ve worn such items, you’ll never go back.

Stick To the Basics

One of the best dressing tips to show off your physique is to wear classics that don’t make it look like you’re trying too hard. When you’re in top condition you don’t need bright colors, complicated prints, or gimmicky clothes to catch anyone’s eye. Master the fit of a simple white T-shirt and khaki chinos with a tapered cut. Light, neutral sweaters won’t make you look bulky. Medium wash jeans are timeless. At night, wear monochromatic, dark clothes that are the opposite of your gym look. Your body is your best accessory. You’ve got it and you could flaunt it—but hinting at it is infinitely more intriguing.

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