Fashion Accessories Guys Often Overlook

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Guys often get a bad rap in the fashion game for not always putting in the necessary work to look good. While not every guy falls into this category, there are plenty among us who do. Looking your best has never really been about showing off for others. It should be about looking and feeling your best for yourself. If you’d like to go beyond the T-shirt and jeans look, here are a few fashion accessories guys often overlook to spark your fashionable creativity.


When it comes to sunglasses, it can sometimes seem like your only options are cheap plastic ones and ones that will break your bank. However, there are affordable and fashionable sunglasses out there. Not only do they frame your face, but they’re also functional in protecting your eyes. Just remember one rule: square glasses for a round face shape and round glasses for an angular face shape.


A good tie doesn’t have to be for wearing only to the office. One of the fashion accessories guys often overlook in their wardrobe is adding a tie to a button-down shirt. This gives you extra flair that you can have fun with when you’re wearing it casually. And when we say “tie,” we also mean hair ties. Yes, there are even fashionable hair ties for guys with longer hair.


The key to wearing jewelry as a guy and still look classy is to keep it understated whenever possible. Try not to focus on having the flashiest jewels or brightest metals, as these can look rather gaudy when too much is worn. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings can all be fashionable choices for guys as long as you accessorize in a subtle way.


When you get to a certain age, it’s no longer cool to carry around a backpack everywhere you go. Leave the backpack for traveling and get yourself a messenger bag instead. It’s a much more fashionable choice when it comes to everyday use, and you can use it in your professional life as well. Leather is normally the way to go here, especially if you want to take it to work.


A belt should hold your pants up, sure, but it’s also the dividing line between your body’s two halves, so try to make it a little more interesting than plain black or brown. A good rule of thumb when dressing formally is to match your belt color with your shoe color, though you don’t need to do this when putting together a casual look.

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