Easy Ways To Freshen up Your Home

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Maintaining one style for your home for too long can grow stale, especially when you’re looking at the same decorations and furnishings for months or years. Due to the ongoing pandemic, that problem may have been intensified because you’ve spent more time at home than you normally would. But there are ways to freshen up your home’s look to give it a new feel and break up the monotony.

Window Care

Giving your windows a thorough washing can easily be something we neglect, possibly something we haven’t done in years. But, like anything, grime accumulates over time, and, eventually, it’s going to need a cleaning. A buildup of gunk on the windows can affect the amount of light that comes through, making rooms seem dimmer as a result. Give your windows a good cleaning and let the sunshine in.

Try a Mirror or Two

After you’re done with the windows, consider hanging up a mirror or two. Position them across from a window and let it flood your room with even more natural light than it was getting before. Make rooms seem more alive without having to resort to artificial means and light bulbs.

Make Old Furniture New

You don’t need to purchase an entirely new set of furniture to make a room seem new. Brand new furniture will quickly become expensive and can end up being incredibly wasteful. If your furniture is still in good condition, you can reupholster the old fabric to change the look while maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Reupholstery is a project you can take on yourself, but make sure to consider a few tricks to make the process go smoothly.

Bring the Outside Inside

Throwing some flowers and plants into the mix can bring a look of beauty as well as lovely fragrances into your home. Place your new foliage throughout the house to give a more natural look to your space. Play with the colors of blooming flowers to create a colorful palette that dresses up your home.

Have a Rotation of Colors

If you’re not feeling up to constant flower maintenance, arrange some fake foliage around your home instead. Mix and match colors and switch it up based on the season, holiday, or your mood.

Find What Works

However you decide to freshen up your home’s look, remember to have fun and get creative. If something isn’t working out, there’s always time to rearrange and workshop a few ideas to keep things new and discover new decoration ideas.

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