What You Need: 5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Home Office

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Now that you’re spending more time in your home, you’re probably noticing quite a few things that need transformation. A lot of people are finding that their home offices—or lack thereof—aren’t ideal for constantly working from home. If you’re one of those people, follow some of these key tips for designing the perfect home office. From switching up which room you’re working in to slathering some productive paint on the walls, these tips can help you feel more like you’re at work, and less like you’re 20-feet away from your bed. Check them out!

Switch Up the Environment

Probably the biggest thing holding you back from pure productivity while working from home is the environment you’re in. This doesn’t mean the home working environment in general—more so the room you decide to work in. If you choose to work from home in your bedroom, you’ll feel lazier and you probably won’t sleep as well. If you choose the family room, you’ll be too tempted to turn on your favorite show instead of focusing on the report you need to get done.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to switch up the environment you’re working in. Try setting up your desk in the living room near the window. If you’re in an actual home office room, maybe shift the position of your desk and monitors. Playing with positioning can do wonders for kickstarting the brain.

Pick Out Some New Paint

Another thing that may be inhibiting you, but you didn’t quite know it, is the paint on the walls. If you’re feeling bored when you walk into the space, then you need to do some sprucing. If you have an actual home office, then pick colors that are more productivity-producing than others—a sky blue or a mellow yellow are some good options to uplift and promote focus.

Right now isn’t the best time to head to the store, so order your paint supplies online. You’ll have a better chance of finding the color that fits your needs, and you’ll be able to do additional research on which color will work best for you and your space.

Ensure Ample Natural Light

Your head will not enjoy working in a space filled with harsh lighting. If you find that you’re not being the most productive in your current workspace, think about adding in some natural light. Maybe this means shifting your desk over to the window or switching to a room that screams sunlight. The more natural light you have, the more welcoming your home office will become.

Play With Your Set-Up

As we’ve mentioned, maybe the thing that’s ruining your home office’s aesthetic is the way you have everything positioned. Bringing the desk to the window should be your first move, but from there, you should play with how everything is organized. Maybe you need a new desk entirely or a different chair that supports your lower back. Maybe you need a bookcase nearby to make you feel more intellectual or a diffuser on the desk to bring some calm. See what you can maneuver in your set-up to meet the energy needs of the room.

Make It Personal

Our last tip for designing the perfect home office is simply about making your office space something personal. In the same way you decorate your cubicle or your office at work, you should decorate your workspace at home. Add in some of your favorite plants and pictures of loved ones. Use your favorite stationery—whatever you need to do to make it feel a little bit more like you, do it!

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