Tips for Working Remotely When You Have Children at Home

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The writing is on the wall. You’ve been working remotely with your kids at home, and your company is deciding whether to go fully remote. It was okay to put a band-aid on the issue for a while. Still, the long-term result is a chaotic schedule and unhealthy parenting practices. Working remotely presents its own unique set of challenges, but working from home with children can be doubly difficult. Here are some tips for working remotely when you have children at home to make your work and home life less chaotic and more harmonious.

Set up a Practical Office Space

Your “office space” is critical. Being comfortable is vital, and so is separating work and your personal life. But it’s hard to separate entirely if you have a small living space currently occupied by other family members. It can be a little corner of your apartment—just ensure you only use it for work. Find ways to separate work and personal life. Maybe you use a laptop for work but only your tablet or phone during off-hours. Try to stay out of your workspace during off-hours.

Being comfortable is essential. Having a standup option and the ability to move your workspace on the fly can lend you privacy when kids roll over into your workspace. Readydesk is a simple, affordable standing desk converter that can turn any flat surface into a desk. Compared to big bulky standup desks that lack mobility, our desk converter is fully portable.

Flexible Hours

As a parent, you’ve had to come up with creative ways to get your work done. Some couples switch off home-schooling the kids every four hours. Companies that allow these types of arrangements will help their employees live their lives while garnering respect for their employer. When people are trusted to do their work, that’s when the respect comes back to the company. Businesses should consider releasing the need to have butts in seats and focus on the work-based outcome. It strips the micro-managing tendency away from the supervisor, which is a killer of productivity.

Create a Structured Home Routine

While working from home all day, it’s tempting to wear pajamas, skip the shower, and snack poorly. Falling into these habits, though, will prove to have adverse effects on your psyche. Show your kids you are truly at work by preparing as if you were going to the office. It can be fun to just throw your hair up and wear pajamas at first, but eventually, you will feel some uneasiness. You want to put yourself in a different mindset and your kids will notice.

Juggling work and childcare is an intense but survivable experience. This is a reality many remote workers face every day. With a little bit of planning, lots of discussions, and an adaptable attitude, you’ll be able to better navigate your dual role. We hope these tips for working remotely when you have children at home help you navigate this difficult situation.

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