Fresh and Unique Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Symbolism is a big part of the Easter holiday. The egg is a symbol of new life, fertility, and rebirth that is associated with many of our Easter traditions. This year, people everywhere will gather on Easter Sunday to hunt for eggs, eat egg-shaped candies, and decorate dozens of them. It is estimated that 18 million eggs are decorated and dyed in preparation for Easter each year in the U.S.

Easter egg decorations are a fun way to show off your artistic abilities while you spend time with family and friends. People are always looking for new, unique decorating ideas that will keep the tradition alive and exciting. We’ve found a few ideas that we’d like to pass along. Keep in mind, some of these use plastic eggs, or involve paint or inedible materials. If you’re using real eggs, you may want to blow out the shell to avoid waste, or use your DIY skills to modify directions so the hard boiled eggs are safe for consumption when you’re done:

Emoji Easter Eggs

We include emojis in most of our text messages, so why not include them in our Easter festivities as well? Dye your eggs yellow and break out a black sharpie to create tangible versions of your most used emoji expressions. Emoji eggs are a clever, modern twist on an old tradition.

Galaxy Easter Eggs

This craft combines our love for chalk paint with our galaxy print obsession. The techniques used to create the star spangled nebula look are so fun that you will probably want to move on from an egg to a mural.

Minion Easter Eggs

Minions always elicit a smile.  Dress up a yellow and blue painted easter egg with googly eyes and have a minion of your own to keep around the house for a while.

Nail Polish Easter Eggs

Nail art has been all the rage these days. Put all of that extra polish to use with this beautiful egg decorating technique.  You will just need a cup of water and a few drops of polish to create this unique marble effect.

 We hope you make some time this year to sit at a table and color some eggs with friends and family. Decorating eggs is a whimsical, creative way to take part in the Easter holiday.

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