Best Spring DIY Projects

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Spring is a great time to get started on some DIY projects that will spruce up the space in and around your home. Spring cleaning often gives way to simple home improvements, the necessity for storage solutions, and a general inclination to craft up a storm. There are a lot of simple DIY trends that can add a lot of character and help solve common issues when it comes to small, drab, or cluttered spaces. If you’re feeling particularly crafty or if you just want to change up the décor around your home, we have some easy DIY projects that will help you harness the spirit of spring.

Plants are a great way to purify the air in a room and they add a lot of homemade charm. Hanging plants with macramé is a trendy, fun way to spruce up any space. Another benefit: macramé is a relaxing hobby. Before you know it, you might have a whole collection of macramé crafts. The art of macramé is addictive and the possibilities are endless. Visit these sites to learn the simple craft and create a stylish way to hang plants in and around your home:

Decorative trunks are another great DIY project that can be put to good use around the house. Upcycling old trunks is a creative (and cheap) way to add extra storage and a lot of character to a living room or bedroom. You can find great vintage trunks at thrift stores or swap meets and paint them to match the décor of your home. You can even use them as nightstands or coffee tables. Add wheels to the bottom Here’s a few ideas:

When you think of spring, it’s hard not to picture the bright, vibrant colors of floral arrangements. In addition to a vase full of fresh flowers to help you invite the spring season into your home, try this simple craft: Using wood, yarn, and faux flowers, you can create mason jar string art. Make multiple and display them together for a cohesive look!

One of the first things that visitors see when they enter your home is your doormat. Why not make it a fun experience by turning your doormat into an opportunity for a quirky conversation piece? We love this idea from that will put a smile on the faces of your guests before the door is even open. These crafty fruit welcome mats add something special to the font door.  All you need is a mat and some spray paint, and viola! You have yourself a fun spring DIY project that is sure to make your visitors crack a smile.

We hope you will try these spring projects as you hustle to declutter and add some DIY TLC to your living space.

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