San Diego is Ranked as One of the Top Fittest Cities

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According to a study by released by the Anthem Blue Cross Foundation and the American College of Sports and Medicine, San Diego was ranked in the Top 10 for Fittest Cities.

The American Fitness Index judged each cities in the categories of overall rank, overall score, personal health rank, personal health score, community health rank, and community health score. The results are as follows:

Overall Rank: 10th
Overall Score: 65th
Personal Health Rank: 9th
Personal Health Score: 73rd
Community Health Rank: 22nd
Community Health Score: 57th

These results are based on the health indicators regarding sleep per night, recent exercise, smoking, obesity, and healthy food consumption. With the San Diego lifestyle and culture that tremendously influences healthy habits, this achievement doesn’t come surprisingly. However, there are still indicators that need improvement and cities that surpassed us.

Evidence concluded that San Diego ranked 22nd in community health factors due to various reasons. For example, some negative health factors were parks as a percentage of land area, commuting by public transportation or bicycle, and school physical education policies.

Furthermore, the top 10 who ranked superior to San Diego were San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, San Jose, Boston, Denver, Portland and Salt Lake City metro areas. Minneapolis-St. Paul surpassed Washington, D.C., as the fittest metro area in the country and D.C. fell to second. 50 regions total were ranked in this study.

Nevertheless, this accomplishment of being the 10th fittest city is vitally impressive. Additionally, San Diego maintained the same ranking as the previous year.

Hopefully, this accomplishment equates to further advancement in weak areas and inspires more San Diegans to maintain a fit lifestyle. Regardless, San Diego should feel prideful of this success!

There are many work out classes to get involved with in San Diego. Make sure to check out the top 10 workout classes we’ve found to start your journey to a fitter lifestyle. We encourage you to work out, eat healthy, and choose alternate transportation options in the future.

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