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Smartphones may seem like they are an endless pit of wasted time, with all the brainless social media that has the alarming potential to take up hours of our days. But they are also powerful computers in the palm of our hands that are capable of being incredibly effective devices that can help us increase our overall knowledge and feed even the biggest appetites of curiosity. Here are some awesome apps you have to check out if you want to learn something new every day.

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Trivia Crack – iOS & Android

If you’ve got a penchant for trivia, this game is surprisingly informative on a wide range of topics. The app is all-around colorful and easy to use, and as you progress through, the questions get increasingly difficult, testing your skills. The questions seem to be well-researched, and each game you’ll find yourself learning more and more. – iOS & Android

No, I’m not suggesting you read the dictionary for fun. This app is much more than a copy of the dictionary on your phone. There are some great features that will teach you a new word every day, along with testing yourself with vocabulary quizzes and browsing quotes from famous figures. There is surprisingly plenty of great components of this app that can be quite beneficial for your curiosity.

Duolingo – iOS & Android

Easily the most robust language-learning mobile app available, Duolingo puts the power of learning loads of different languages in your pocket. Each lesson on Duolingo takes just a few minutes every day, and the overall experience is intuitive, friendly, and free. Next time you have a few free minutes in your day, bust out the Duolingo app and get started on learning that second language you’ve always to pursue

Curiosity – iOS & Android

With the promise to make you smarter with just five minutes of your day, Curiosity is chock full of fascinating facts and trivia. The content on this app ranges from history to biology, cultural customs to astronomy. The entire app is well organized and makes it easy to access what interests you, and includes a nice mix of text, images, and videos to keep you learning.

TED – iOS & Android

TED Talks have been the organization behind delivering quality video education from an endless list of sources. This app gives you access to the entire TED Talk database of thousands of different videos. You can even create a personal playlist, which will then generate recommendations based on your interests.

Udacity – iOS & Android

Computer programming is quickly becoming the next essential language as we continue to move into the technology age. For someone who wants to get started on learning how to program, Udacity is a fantastic app to learn the basics in small, bite-size chunks. Udacity offers a variety of different programming languages, so all you need to do is choose one and begin learning.

TradeHero – iOS & Android

Being literate with your money is such an important skill to develop over your life, and TradeHero is here to help you cultivate that knowledge. For those wanting to get started investing, this app allows you to invest fake digital money into real markers, allowing a realistic simulation of the stock market.

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