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What to Do This Weekend in San Diego

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San Diego is usually teeming with tons of fun and exciting events to enjoy every weekend, but this coming weekend, things are a little different. The absolute best thing you can do this weekend is to simply stay home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop, experts are urging the American public to stay home and practice social distancing. While COVID-19 spreads throughout our cities, we can do our part by isolating at home and avoiding large groups. 

No matter your age, we should want to remain home in order to eliminate ourselves as becoming a threat of infection for those who are at-risk or disabled. For people like that, they do not have the luxury of deciding whether they want to go out or not. So, for now, it is time to cast aside our desire to do what we want in support of the greater good of the public.

San Diego County and the City of San Diego have implemented strict control over public gatherings. As of yesterday, the County announced a ban on gatherings of 10 or more and urged people to remain in smaller groups maintaining six feet of separation. 

Due to this, many local businesses have shut their doors. Theatres, bars, entertainment businesses, and other similar places have shut down completely. However, there are a few businesses that are authorized to continue operating if you absolutely need to go out for things you need. Here’s what’s still open around San Diego. 

Sit-down restaurants 

According to the order issued by the health department, sit-down restaurants are to be closed for in-house seated dining but can operate pick-up and delivery services. Some eateries have chosen to close down entirely, but others continue to offer services to their customers. In the comments section of this Instagram post from CBS 8, eateries are advising San Diego residents if their establishments remain open for business. 

Fast food restaurants 

Most fast-food chains have closed their dining rooms, but continue to have dining rooms open. Some places are also encouraging customers to use delivery services, like KFC and Rubio’s, which are offering free delivery. 

Food delivery services 

Postmates, DoorDash, and Uber Eats continue to operate but have implemented adjustments amid COVID-19 concerns. Services are using a “no-contact delivery” to limit the amount of contact between parties for each delivery. UberEats and Postmates are offering discounted or waived delivery fees to encourage people to stay in their homes as much as possible. 

Grocery stores 

Grocery stores continue to remain open in addition to offering delivery services. Due to increased demand, many items in stores are rare, often selling out shortly after opening. Some stores are implementing protective measures to ensure customers and employees remain safe. Costco is currently controlling the number of people that can enter their warehouses at a given time. Walmart and Target are offering pick-up and same-day delivery in some cases. Some stores have started offering special hours for seniors to shop early in the morning when there are fewer crowds, ensuring they get a chance to purchase the things they need in a safe environment. 

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