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Upcoming Comedy Shows in San Diego

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If you’re disappointed your nights out have lately consisted of going out for dinner then being in bed by 9pm, maybe all you need is some good laughs. No, I’m not talking about firing up Netflix and putting on a comedy film. I’m talking about hitting a comedy show! If you like to laugh, love to have fun, and like going out with friends, then a comedy show is perfect. Dress up, grab a few drinks, and get ready to laugh your heart out, because there a number of great upcoming shows you don’t want to miss.

Jim Gaffigan

Photo by Alan Gastelum via CC BY-SA 1.0

Jim Gaffigan is coming to San Diego on June 8, where he will be performing at the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the San Diego County Fair. Gaffigan is an experienced comedian who has released several comedy specials including Mr. Universe, Obsessed, and Cinco, all of which have received Grammy nominations. His material consists of subjects ranging from fatherhood and observations, to laziness and food. Gaffigan’s is regarded as a “clean comic” with his performances typically containing little to profanity, so this could be a perfect choice if you want to bring along the younger ones.

Larry the Cable Guy will be bringing his signature comedy to the Del Mar Fairgrounds on June 16 for the San Diego County Fair as well. While his real name is Daniel Whitney, he became famous after developing the Cable Guy character, who he now maintains for all of his stage performances. He is known for his stereotypical redneck appearance and a thick Southern accent, which is apparent when he says his signature catchphrase “Git-R-Done!” Don’t miss out on a great chance to witness his unique blend of satire and American humor!

T.J Miller will be performing at the American Comedy Co. on April 26. He is one of the best up and coming comedians these days, in addition to his career taking off. Miller has starred in Deadpool and the hit HBO show Silicon Valley, along with releasing several specials on HBO. His comedy is known for bordering on the weirder side of things, but he balances it all out with his traditional style comedy perfectly. He is known for having no political humor in his performances, but be ready for alter-ego characters, goofiness, and some solid storytelling.

Photo by Courtney Cook via CC BY-SA 3.0

Dane Cook, one of the biggest comedians in the world, will be coming to Valley Center on June 23. He has a storied career in comedy, with several specials on HBO and a handful of comedy albums on iTunes. He is known for his use of observational humor and dark comedy, and is usually on the more vulgar side. Doesn’t mean he’s not hilarious. Get those tickets before they sell out!


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