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This Weekend in San Diego 11/3 – 11/5

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It’s officially the month of November, which means it’s time to take the scary decorations and jack-o-lanterns down, and to start setting up for Thanksgiving. This weekend is filled with art, fundraising, and of a lot of beer. Take your pick and let your adventures continue as a local in this active city.

Teach your kids the lesson of giving back with the Candy Buy Back Week, at the Super Dentists offices throughout the San Diego county. This event allows children to go into the dentists with their bags of candy, and trade it for $1. The best part is that for every pound of candy that is donated by a child, the dentists will give the child $1 and the other $1 will be matched and donated to schools in need. The candy will then be sent to military men and women to enjoy, so they can feel the joy from the holidays as well. Take your candy in and make a difference while showing your children the season of giving.

Join all of the local San Diego beer drinkers at the 6th annual San Diego Beer Week, a 10 day celebration put on by the San Diego Brewers Guild. This event promotes craft beer, local breweries, and shows off the amazing brewery atmosphere that San Diego holds. With over 100 breweries in San Diego, it’s time to discover your favorite and be a part of the best week of the year. From November 3rd through November 12th, you can be a part of the local drinking fest.

Looking for a particular event? Check out the Boulevard Ale Trail. In keeping with this year’s SDBW theme of collaboration, Automatic Brewing, Eppig Brewing, Home Brewing Co., Pariah Brewing Co., and San Diego Brewing Co. have united to showcase their beers. Located within 3 blocks of one another on El Cajon Blvd at 30th Street, it’s one of the densest corners of breweries in San Diego. Take a mini walking tour of these delicious craft breweries. They’ve also collaborated on a limited edition specialty beer glass so you can walk away with swag.

Step outside of your comfort zone at the Beauty or Torture: Society’s Demand of Perfection exhibit opening. Enjoy refreshments as you learn more about the pressure that women have been facing for years when it comes to being beautiful. Woman have gone through extreme measures to cover up insecurities, and that stops now. This exhibit encourages women to accept flaws and to find confidence from within. Feel empowered during this special night.

This weekend is for the arts, starting at the H20 Portrayals: Opening Reception. This event is put on by The San Diego Watercolor Society, along with a reception with over 100 paintings for sale. There will also be delicious wine and food available to enjoy for guests. Linda Doll, award winning artist, will be in attendance as well ready to enjoy the night will all of the fellow San Diego locals.

Walk through the meditation garden in Escondido and enjoy the beautiful and refreshing crisp air that has recently taken over San Diego. The Psychic Fair will be taking place from 10am through 4am on Saturday. All of the professional readers and mediums are successful in their profession and all readings are $25 for 15 minutes.

Enjoy your weekend in San Diego celebrating the first weekend of November.

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