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This Weekend in San Diego 11-17/11-19

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It’s officially the holiday season, and San Diego is joining in on the festivities. From special activities, to active soccer games, to tasty wines, there is something for everyone to do this weekend in San Diego.

The best part about living in San Diego, is that the water is cool and crisp at 70 degrees. Get tickets for the Lake Jennings Trout Season Opener on November 17th. There will be over 2500 pounds of trout that will be caught and stored at this exciting event. Wake the family up early for a day of bonding and doing something different, from your usual weekend routine.

Since the water is warm, it’s the perfect time for outside activities, and this weekend through November 30th you can get 45% off as a veteran for the ocean adventure representing the Everyday California ,an apparel and adventure company. A portion of the proceeds that are raised will for towards the Wingman Foundation. Veterans can partake in kayaking, snorkeling, and other fun activities that will create a fun day, and you will be able to soak up the crisp and refreshing water.

Spend your Friday doing what you do best, by exploring new wines and enjoying the Fall air. At the Biodynamic and Natural Wines of Spain, you can explore the organic wine and adventure through the seminar that will show you what wine is popular right now in Spain, amongst other countries. You will also learn about how wine is made and the different details that go into creating your favorite beverage. The seminar starts at 8:30 am and tickets start at $65, so make your way down to the San Diego Marriott marquis & Marina for the day you’ve been waiting for.

It’s never too late to start celebrating Christmas, and you can start early this year at the Swing with Santa event on Friday at 9:30am. This special 4th annual golf tournament will start promptly at 11am with check in at 9:30am. Dinner will be included and all of the proceeds that are raised will go to SMSC, providing programs for hundreds of disabled adults. Enjoy a day of golf in the beautiful San Diego weather while giving back to your community.

Spend your Saturdays at the track at the Daybreak at Del Mar, where you will get a special preview of event. With a special breakfast included, you will also enjoy a Q&A that will inform you with more details about what it’s really like to be in the racing world. Enjoy this special treat and take your love for racing and the track to the next level.

Every Saturday from 9am-10am through December 16th, you can be a part of the Soccer Clinic for Children with Autism. Children 4 through 10 can participate in this exciting and confident building activity. Let your child have fun with other friends and be active at the same time, while learning something new. Your child will love being able to interact with others while doing a sport they love, or are new to the game and want to get involved in sports.

Have a great weekend whether you go to the beach for fun and active water activities, or spend your day sipping wine and relaxing.

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