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The Best iPhone Games of 2020

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The iPhone has grown into the best mobile gaming system in the world, capable of powering console-quality games without a hitch. We hold the ability of high-tier gaming in our pockets, and the iPhone platform is home to the best mobile games hands down. While the App Store can be bogged down with tons of titles, we picked through the best for you. Whether you’re looking for intense action, mind-bending puzzlers, epic fantasy, or anything in between, here are the games you have to try.

Call of Duty Mobile – Free

An online multiplayer first-person shooter has been the holy grail of mobile games since their inception, but Call of Duty Mobile is the first to flawlessly pull it off. The game is an excellent mobile version of the console Call of Duty, complete with easy-to-use controls, tons of features, and hundreds of thousands of gamers from around the world. The app is totally free, but you’re going to have to pony up some cash if you want to spring for new skins, characters, and other items. Nevertheless, Call of Duty Mobile is a home-run for mobile gaming and is easily the best action title available now.

Asphalt 9: Legends – Free

The form factor of the iPhone is practically made for racing games, and the Asphalt series has always been a top selection. In Legends, you can take a spin in over 60 cars ranging from powerful American muscle to exotic rides as you race around detailed maps from all over the world. With each win, you will build up your racing reputation, taking home cash prizes which can be used to expand and upgrade your garage of world-class automobiles. Legends is an excellent take on the classic mobile racing game, complete with stunning graphics and tons of replayability.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades – Free

The Elder Scrolls is known for being one of the best fantasy RPGs ever created, and now with Blades, you can take the adventure on-the-go. While Blades is a slimmed-down version of the award-winning RPG series, it is still a ton of fun and totally amazing when realizing this is being played on mobile. The games feature gorgeous visuals, intricate world design, and a combat system that is intuitive and exciting to play.

Threes! – Free

For the fans of the hit game 2048, Threes! brings with a whole new dimension to the puzzler genre for mobile games. The game is all about connecting numbers together in multiples of three. Starting with 1’s and 2’s, you will slide blocks around to connect them up, using some good old fashioned brain power to do so. Every time a block is moved, a new piece is added to the board. As you progress, you have to find patterns in the numbers to keep going as you stay ahead of the board filling up with blocks. Threes! is an engaging puzzle game that’s great for killing a few minutes, but take my word for it, it can become incredibly addicting as you compete to beat your previous high score.

Oxenfree – Free to start/$5

If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’re going to love Oxenfree. The game is a supernatural adventure following a group of teenagers who mistakenly open a portal to a ghostly world. The game is based on the 1980s teenage horror movies, with a synth-pop soundtrack that is just oozing with nostalgia. As you progress through the game, every decision you make will have an impact on the game narrative. The game’s opening sequence is free to play but to continue through, you’re going to have to pay $5. In the end, it’s totally worth it for what you get.

Impossible Road – $2.99

Impossible Road is an endless survival game tasking you with navigating a featureless sphere along a ribbon of road suspended in space. As you progress, the roads become increasingly complicated, with tricky obstacles and sneaky barriers that could send you spiraling off into the abyss. Impossible Road is a well-done endless runner game that requires razor-sharp focus to get good at. If you were a fan of Temple Run back in the day, Impossible Road is a must-try.

Desert Golfing – $1.99

The concept behind Desert Golfing is simple: hit the ball and get it in the hole. This, however, is far easier said than done, as you’re faced with crazy courses featuring surreal designs. Minimalist in appearance, Desert Golfing is a game you can immediately pick up and get drawn into. With courses becoming increasingly difficult, the moment you sink a shot is satisfying and will have you keep coming back for more.

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