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“Star Wars: In Concert” comes to San Diego May 28th

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It’s been over 32 years since “Star Wars” hit the big screen and five years since the last movie was released. Now “Star Wars” has returned, and in a way that fans of the iconic movie haven’t seen before.

Friday, May 28 “Star Wars: In Concert” will be coming to the San Diego Sports Arena to fill the stage with a live orchestra and choir. The production includes music from all six of the “Star Wars” movies and will be narrated by none other than Anthony Daniels, the actor who starred as C-3PO.

For fans and non-fans alike, the “Star Wars” concert has become a hit across the country.

Daniels will serve as the storyteller and host as the show progresses through different montages. Many people that have experienced a concert before might be surprised to find this one extremely different.

“We have multiple cameras on a giant screen so you can see an instrument being played whilst you listen to it,” Daniels said.

The entire concert is an incredible combination of special effects, dramatic themes, specially edited scenes on a high-definition LED super-screen along with the talented orchestra. All these elements combine to create the ultimate “Star Wars” experience.


A scene from "Star Wars: In Concert." (Photo from 'Ring of Fire Hot Sauce 1' via Flikr).

“The whole soundtrack is a testament to John Williams’ creativity and his extraordinary ability to enhance the emotional aspects of the films,” said George Lucas, creator of the “Star Wars” saga.

Along with the concert, attendees will be able to view actual props and costumes from “Star Wars” movies.

“The show is a new way of experiencing the epic scope of the saga,” said Another Planet Touring Producer Spencer Churchill.

*Photos from ParkerDigital and Ring of Fire Hot Sauce 1 via Flickr

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