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I Can Do It! Conference – Enlightenment in San Diego

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With over 2,000 in attendance the I Can Do It! conference presented by Hay House inspired the minds of San Diego residents. This 4 day event helped encourage attendees to aspire for more in their lives while finding inner peace and happiness.

The official kick off on Friday, May 14th was hosted by Dr.Wayne Dyer, now in his seventies, who delivered a 3 hour keynote on making The Shift. Dr.Dyer who was just diagnosed this past year with leukemia had these impactful words to offer: “Change your perception of yourself by letting go of everything you believe to be true that does not serve your higher good. In order to achieve more you must first do less, quit agonizing in fear or anxiety and know the universe is abundant.”

Dr.Dyer’s heart-felt speech pushed his audience to step out of the ordinary views of society by dissolving all fear of not being good enough. He encouraged everyone to step onto the path of enlightenment with confidence. During his speech Dr. Dyer touched on the point of making “The Shift” collectively as well as individually.

He went on to argue that our society as a whole needs to stop the obesity epidemic by lowering sugar intake. Today’s average person consumes at least 285g of sugar per day. Also Dr.Dyer urged the audience to start exercising, stating “31% of our children today are obese largely because the average child spends 7 ½ hours in front of machines such as computers, TV, playing video games or on cell phones.”

Throughout the weekend other keynote speakers touched on similar issues such as the massive increase of pill consumption in today’s society and the reluctance to take care of ourselves through proper diet and positive thinking habits.

Mid-afternoon both Saturday & Sunday attendees chose to attend various workshops narrated by a multitude of world renowned authors. Attendees were best served by being broken up into smaller groups of hundreds instead of thousands.

Each workshop offered a range of insightful information from how to deal with menopause to learning to love again after a broken heart. The weekend seemed to fly by with so much excitement that when Sunday finally approached, the other days felt like a dream. As the festivities came to a close on Sunday evening, members of the audience were buzzing with joy as they shared stories of what had the greatest impact for them over the course of the weekend.

And for one last time on Sunday, the audience gathered to listen to a final keynote. This time it was delivered by Cheryl Richardson who shared how to reprogram your subconscious mind with The Ultimate Act of Self-Care. After conveying her final words, Cheryl was awarded with a standing ovation which continued as she was accompanied on stage by some of the other authors. Upon exiting the convention center, one could not help but overhear the enthusiasm from the awe-struck attendees who seemed to leave with a reenergized spirit and renewed state of mind.

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