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San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest 2017

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There is officially a gathering where you can indulge in beer and comfort food, and enjoy every cheesy bite. The San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest is taking place October 28th starting at 11am. Tickets include unlimited Mac N’ Cheese samples along with 10 tasty beer samples. The best of the best will be represented at this event, and you can indulge in cheesy food while downing your favorite wines and beers.

You can be a part of the competition by showing up and supporting the best restaurants in San Diego and seeing who will be crowned the title of San Diego’s Best Gourmet Mac N’ Cheese. The two awards up for grabs is the Best Gourmet Mac N’ Cheese in San Diego and People’s Choice Best Mac N’ Cheese. Restaurants that will be participating in this 3rd annual competition is TVRN BOWL, Mother’s Saloons, Soda & Swine, and much more.

The best part is that you will get to enjoy a fun and food filled day with your friends, while also giving back at the same time. All of the proceeds from this even will go directly back to the World Wine Network of Learning. The message of this organization is to be a part of a community with young leaders and to positively impact the community and the people that are involved in organizations and to help the world stay an encouraging place. This non profit organization is a positive way for locals to get involved in the community as well.

There will also be numerous breweries involved in this tasty cheese-filled festival. The breweries include Little Miss Brewing, and will be providing freshly brewed beer for your enjoyment. This award winning craft beer will add to your night, and will compliment your Mac N’ Cheese samples to its best ability. You can also enjoy fresh brews from the infamous Stone Brewery.  Indulge in your classic favorites from Stone and enjoy the best day of the year. This festival has it all from philanthropy, from your favorite beers, and delicious cheesy noodles.

Start planning your putting to this unique day that you can enjoy with your loved ones. Put a new meaning behind your love for Mac N’ Cheese and discover new recipes to your favorite child-hood meal. With beer in one hand and your favorite gooey cheese snack in the other, the perfect Saturday will fall easily into place. Enjoy your day out in the San Diego weather and try something new in your very own hometown.

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