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San Diego is the 10th Most Fun City in America

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San Diego has been noticed as one of the most fun cities in America, ranking at number 10 on WalletHub’s recent list. Noticed for its outstanding nightlife and unique entertainment, San Diego is standing out with its bar accessibility, clubs, and overall attractions.

There are many special things about this extraordinary city, among these special events, clubs, and restaurants is diversity. There is truly something for everyone whether you want a nice family outing, or a night out with the girls. There are a never ending flow of events including film festivals as well. The GI Film Festival is very special and near to San Diego’s heart because it’s a film festival dedicated to telling the life of military soldiers through film. KPBS is putting on this special festival from October 18th through the 22nd. Along with this special festival, San Diego is home to other film festivals such as the San Diego Film Festival that shows 100 independent films, and some films from the past went on to win Academy Awards. Along with creating a diverse culture here in San Diego, there is also a San Diego Latino Film Festival, a San Diego Asian Film Festival, and a San Diego Jewish Festival as well. These are just a few of the unique film showings that are available in this exhilarating city.

San Diego is also home to some of the best brunch places you’ve ever tasted. If you haven’t gone to Crushed for a mimosa flight and you’re a local, it’s time to step up your game considering Instagram is flooding with trendy pictures from this brunch spot every weekend. Along with flatbreads and other tasty bites, this place is the perfect way to start your Sunday “brunch crawl” through Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach has streets of fun and unique bars, such as Firehouse and The Duck Dive. This street of numerous establishments is a perfect way to spend your Saturday night, while exploring a new drink at every bar. Take your friends out for a night out on the town in Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, or Encinitas to embrace your weekends and live them to the fullest before going back to work on Monday.

Of course San Diego has beautiful beaches, but there is much more to our city than the sun and the 75-degree weather. Seasonal events and attractions include the San Diego Museum Month, where Macy’s teams up with the San Diego Museum Council and you can explore more than 40 different museums for the whole month of February. You can get into every museum for half off, and explore everything you are craving to see. If you want to have a relaxing and sunny day, make your way down to the Flower Fields starting in March. The flowers will be in full bloom and you’ll be able to have numerous trendy Instagram’s completed with the vibrantly colored flowers. Other seasonal events that San Diego is most known for includes, musical adventure CRSSD Festival, the World Baseball Classic, and the San Diego County Fair.

These are just a few of the events that make San Diego home, and what makes this city the 10th most fun city in America.

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