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Our Comic-Con correspondent wraps up our ten “can’t miss” panels

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Photo from <a href=Non-geek here again, wrapping up the ten events I previewed last week from Comic-Con. The crowds were large, at times funny, at times insufferable, but it was impossible to look away and I had a great experience. The mainstream recaps are as follows:

V – Mild disappointment. The show looks a bit underfunded, and the panel was uninspiring. A similar show, called The Prisoner that will air on AMC in November, looked like the way to go. Their exclusive clip was out of this world. Check it out online.

New Moon – Ha, never even got close to this panel. People were in line two days prior. I heard it was everything anyone could ever want, with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in attendance and some clips and some cute stories from the set.

Catch the rest of the wrap-up after the jump:

Avatar – I’ll tell you what, as good as the footage was that Cameron showed us, I wouldn’t put this into the “game-changer” category like everyone else is doing. Bottom line, the 3D layering is new, different, and great, but you are still wearing glasses, and until that goes it will still remain a gimmick.

Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Awesome, awesome, awesome. This will kill it in the beautiful and weird department. Gilliam’s still got it.

Dexter What we all expected. New season clips were good, unrevealing. Michael C. Hall was hilarious and his panel had some great insights onto why a serial killer has become so beloved in today’s society.

Green Lantern: First Flight – Missed this, but watched the trailer online. Meh.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Blogged about this one. Huge ovation after the trailer played, not once, but twice. This is definitely a good move by STARZ to break into premium cable, it’s unlike anything on Showtime or HBO and will definitely push the envelope.

District Nine – Peter Jackson played the Lord of the Long Panel in this one. But more footage of District Nine makes me think this might become a small classic, almost like a Pi for alien movies.

Lost – Damon and Carlton were their happy selves and had a hilarious setup where Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on the show, waiting in line like a regular fan and asked the producers a number of questions. They also had advertisements for OCEANIC AIRLINES, with their “perfect” safety record. Does this mean the plane never crashed?

Weeds – Was too many beers deep by this time, missed the panel. Didn’t hear anything good or bad about it.

There you go: Ten events, made it to seven. Another record-breaking year for the “Con,” Their lease on the event expires in 2012, however, and the city will have to rebid to keep it in San Diego, possibly even expand the Convention Center. Rumors abound about it moving to Vegas to fill capacity more comfortably. I felt like a cow being ushered into the butchery most of the time and would not mind the change of scenery.

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