Entertainer Quickie: James Cameron’s successful dive & Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth rumored engaged

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James Cameron record solo dive was a success

As reported earlier this month, the man behind such films as Avatar and Titanic plunged into an alien world almost seven miles into the ocean.  The goal was to reach the deepest point in the ocean, an area called the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench.  To grasp how far down the vessel that Cameron was confined to voyaged, one has to understand that if Mt. Everest was dropped into the trench its summit would still lie about a mile beneath the surface and it 120 times larger than the Grand Canyon.  This depth has only been reached once before by Jacques Piccard and retired U.S. Navy Lt. Don Walsh more than 50 years ago.  This time with a new type of subversive vehicle, Cameron was able to stay on the floor of Challenger Deep for three hours.  He spent the time using state of the art equipment to collect samples and filming a feature-length documentary for National Geographic.

The dive was packed with physical challenges that Cameron, 57, had to deal with throughout the dive.  His frame was packed into the pilot sphere which was so small he couldn’t extend his arms.  On top of the cramped quarters he spent roughly 7 hours in during the expedition, there were temperature changes as the vessel sank to different levels in the ocean.  It began on the surface, which being located near the equator caused Cameron to experience a sauna like heat that quickly dropped as he reach lower temperatures.  Eventually, he had to put on warm clothing to protect his feet and head from the extreme chill as he dove out of the reach of sunlight.  He spent much of the voyage in darkness until he came to rest on the floor of the deepest place on Earth.

“I landed on a very soft, almost gelatinous flat plain” Cameron told reporters of the Challenger Deep.  The journey was cut short by a few hours because of a hydraulic leak as well as other problems that occurred.  Unfortunately the leak caused the mechanical arm to cease function.  This prevented Cameron from taking geological and biological samples.  Other problems that hindered optimum research to be done serve to focus the attention of the team on future voyages to the Challenger Deep.  When asked about the experience he said, “This is a vast frontier down there that’s going to take us a while to understand. The impression to me was it’s very lunar, very isolated. I felt as if, in the space of one day, I’d gone to another planet and come back.”   in the end, the success of this particular adventure was that Cameron did indeed come back and live to dive another day.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth engaged? 

More members of the Hollywood elite were reported to be “taking the plunge,” but instead of Cameron’s solo mission into the deep blue, Miley Cyrus, 19, and Liam Hemsworth, 22, are rumored to be taking an even more dangerous leap into celebrity matrimony.  It all began on Twitter.  Cyrus posted a picture flaunting a new manicure and a not so subtle diamond ring situated on a very significant finger.  She was also spotted wearing the ring on Saturday when she and boyfriend Laim Hemsworth were at the Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XIII event.  The off and on relationship between the two has spanned three years now and began with being co-stars in the movie The Last Song (2009).  Now with the appearance of the ring is begs the question: In the midst of Hunger Games celebrations for Hemsworth is there also a proposal in the works?

Us Weekly has a source close to the couple that report no, they are not engaged.  A response to the rumored frenzy also appeared on twitter when Cyrus posted, “I’m not engaged. I’ve worn this same ring on this finger since November! People just wanna find something to tal about! It’s a topaz people!”  So they two are not engaged…yet.  Friends of the couple say that the two have seriously talked about marriage.  “They’re still keeping it a big secret, but they’re seriously talking marriage. Liam is crazy about her! Miley wants the whole nine yards as far as a big wedding goes” one source reported.  So it is possible that though the ring was a teaser that the media latched onto to create some buzz about the famous couple, a real ring may be in the future.

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