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Comic-Con 2009: Iron Man 2 and the Black Widow

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Scarlett Johansson at Iron Man 2 panel (Photo from 'Orayzios' via Flickr)

Scarlett Johansson at Iron Man 2 panel (Photo from 'Orayzios' via Flickr)

Having received a thumbs up at this years Comic-Con, Iron Man 2 is looking to be a show stopper. The star-studded cast in the up-and-coming film consists of Mickey Rourke, Don Cheadle, Sam Rockwell, Robert Downey Jr., and the beautiful Scarlett Johansson. At the Convention Center, thousands of fans lined up in wait to see the much anticipated sneak peek of the thrilling sequel to Iron Man. With grace and poise, Downey and Johansson electrified the audience and left the adoring fans wanting more.

Johansson, who is set to play Black Widow in the movie, looked radiant. At the panel, Johansson stated that she “loved the original movie,” and was really excited to do the sequel. In order to prepare for the film, Johansson, as she puts it, “had to work out like crazy,” in order to adorn the unforgiving wardrobe of the Black Widow character . Director John Favreau said he was “impressed by Scarlett’s dedication to the role,” and in order to fit the role she “didn’t eat much, and was on a low-carb diet and exercise regime.”

Johansson’s new role  is years apart from her previous roles in film. The action-packed, physically demanding role of Black Widow is one Johansson has never played before. Rather then sitting down and punching out lines, Johansson’s role in the movie demanded a high level of physicality and stunt work. Favreau said, “people are going to be very impressed when they see her.”

The new role has allowed Johansson to broaden her horizons and show to others that she too can throw down with the best of them. Revamped and ready for more, Johansson is looking to be one of the shining stars in the film. Iron Man 2 is set to release on April 30, 2010, and is looking like a guaranteed box office hit.

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