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Its Always Sunny at Comic-Con

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Devito(far right), Howerton( Middle right), McElehenny (Middle left), Olson  (Far right)

(From left) Devito, Howerton, McElehenny, Olson

Gazing at every exhibit in the main hall, I slowly began to make my way to booth 4129. I look up and I’m finally there, large televisions are displaying the Fox symbol, along with many of the shows that grace the FX lineup. Hundreds of people are gathered around the booth in wait for the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Moving in and out of the crowd, I strategically place myself close to the booth in order to obtain the best vantage point to snap some pictures. Then it happens, a slow uproar of chanting and cheering, followed by a light show of flickering cameras.

Turning my head, the crowd begins to clear a path for three individuals. Unable to see their faces, I leap up and down on the tip of my toes in hopes of catching a glimpse of the individuals. After about 30 seconds, its confirmed. The cast of Sunny is officially here.  Escorted by Elite Security, Rob McElhenney (Mack), Kaitlin Olson (Sweet Dee), and Glenn Howerton (Dennis) are greeted by adoring fans. Once inside the booth they are seated.

Once seated fans from the crowd began to shout some of the famous lines from the show. Laughing and amused from the antics of the crowd, the Rob takes his camera out and snaps a photo of the crowd. The look on all three of their faces is one of astonishment, and humility. The show that had cost them less then 200 hundred dollars to start, was now a full blown success story.

Missing Charlie Day, the three waited for the arrival of Danny Devito. The absence of Charlie was felt by the constant questioning of the crowd as to the whereabouts of his presence. More and more fans questioned the three as to where he was , and in classic Sunny fashion Glenn announced that Charlie “had died.” The crowd enjoyed it and everyone had a chuckle. Charlie Day, being one of the creators of the show, is adored by fans of Sunny. His character is also one of the most memorable and loved in the show.

Devito with a cheerful look as he signs

Devito with a cheerful look as he signs

Time passed, and finally Danny Devito arrived. The crowd embraced him with an arousing set of applause and cheers. A girl to the left of me said “Oh, he’s such a cute little guy,” but Danny is no little guy. I retorted, “He’s a man, girl, not a little guy.” Because that’s what Danny is, a star. Getting to the podium he stood up and cheered “Yeah, Sunny.”

After the whole cast minus Charlie got situated, the signing was on its way. The line begun to move, and those who waited sang the infamous “Day Man” song. As the crowd sang, the cast chimed along. Snapping photos, and watching the cast as they mingled with their fans, I felt privileged to even be so close. The comedic prowess of Sunny gives me hope for the future of television. No topic is taboo for the show, and that has played a huge part of the shows success.

With a Fourth season launching in the Fall, Sunny is here to stay, and the forecast looks like not a cloud in the sky.

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