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The ins and outs of Industry Night San Diego

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To the Monday through Friday nine-to-fivers, the men and women who wake up at the crack of dawn and fall asleep half-past 10, those who treat themselves to happy hour cocktails and Saturdays at the park – you probably have no idea what Industry night is.

Well don’t feel bad – you’re not suppose to.

Every Wednesday night, San Diego’s bartenders, restaurant staff and servers are given one night to luxuriate in the service most folks take advantage of every weekend. The aprons are untied, the hair is let down and the very people who get the party started professionally combine forces for an absolutely superb soiree. Drink prices are lowered, hot DJ’s are invited and the real party of week is ignited.

Word of Industry night has spread and some of San Diego’s most acclaimed clubs and bars want in, but more importantly – it’s you they want inside.

voyeur-4-bottomAll New Industry Night @ Voyeur

Our favorite vampirish lair – dark, scintillating with its incredibly nebulous décor – Voyeur is opening its crypts and launching the all New Industry Night designed specifically for Wednesdays. Ripe with haunting house music, intoxicating potions and alluring go-go’s, San Diego’s hospitality super-clique is sure to satisfy any hump-day hankering.

Wednesday Industry Night @ Thruster’s Lounge
The T-Lounge in Mission Beach may be the only spot the coast where the flip-flops are taken off and the bikinis and boardshorts left to dry. Amidst the relaxed yet poshinterior_sboards ambiance of newly launched Wednesday Industry Night, industry crowds intertwine with weekday socialites while TK Productions presents featured local DJs and exclusive bar benefits. Ahh…can you hear it? The beach beckons.

Side Bar Wednesdays

The eerie romanticism of the revamped Side Bar is the décor of dreams. Empty birdcages hang galore while tons of seductively haunting portraits line the wall. Different, unique and creatively customized, Side Bar has it all – except one very small but important detail  – the cover. On a good night, patrons will pay $20 minimum not to mention an average of $10 per drink. But Wednesday nights being Industry night, Side Bar becomes coverless, drinks are put on an especially low special and numerous DJs will be rotating all night. A word of advice – get on the guest list. Space is limited.

So get off the couch already, turn off the prime-time and go out! Yes, yes – you have work in the morning but it’s only once a week you can piggyback on the Industry’s zest for excess.

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