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When the beach is out: Fall activities are in

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Even though we are spoiled with some of the most amazing weather all year long in San Diego, the temperature can still drop low enough to cross the beach off of the fun list.  For the two months or so when the beach is not an option, take the time to enjoy other parts of San Diego. The colder weather can provide great opportunities for winter-like moments.

Coffee shops and hookah bars

Stay warm in colder weather ( Photo by scholastica ees super busy via Flickr)

Stay warm in colder weather ( Photo by scholastica ees super busy via Flickr)

Snuggling up in a warm and cozy atmosphere with dimly lit surroundings creates great moments for couples.  What’s perfect about this is that the weather is cold enough to be bundled up, but not cold enough to stay indoors.  Many coffee shops and hookah bars offer outdoor seating, and the surrounding shops decorated for the holidays can make for a relaxing evening.  I would suggest trying out more local coffee shop like Vinaka Cafe in Carlsbad, Pannikin in Leucadia or Village Coffee near Qualcomm Stadium.  The locally owned shops all have their unique creative vibe, giving a different and cool ambiance to the scene.

Hookah bars also provide the same scenery since most of them are locally owned (I haven’t seen a hookah bar chain on every corner like Starbucks). I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to someone with asthma problems, but even non-smokers can enjoy the surroundings.  Since the tobacco used in hookahs is fused with fruit and other natural extracts, it doesn’t smell like a smoker’s paradise. Places like Fumari downtown can be filled with scents of peach, apple, and lemon drops.  Hookah bars can be expensive if it’s only one or two people; a group of three or four is a nice size to share one hookah. Plus everyone pitching in on the purchase can make it affordable for everyone.

Take a break from the beach and spend time on the ice. (Photo by sfllaw via Flckr)

Take a break from the beach and spend time on the ice. (Photo by sfllaw via Flckr)

Ice skating

Who says you need snow or below freezing weather to go ice skating? San Diego brings the ice to the beach-side city with indoor ice skating.  This can make for a great date or family fun; almost, if not all places provide rentals with the purchase of a day pass. The UTC shopping mall located in La Jolla places the ice skating ring in the middle of the mall! UTC is a great place to spend the day because there’s not only ice skating, but plenty of choices for lunchtime grub and a chance to do some shopping if the need strikes.

There are other ice skating rinks located in San Diego like the Iceoplex in Escondido and the San Diego Ice Arena off the 15 freeway near Mira Mesa Blvd. For the grand daddy of them all, the place to go to have great ice skating experience during the holiday season is Sycuan’s Fantasy on Ice at Horton Plaza downtown. Yes people, they are constructing an ice skating rink downtown. It may not be Rockefeller Center, but the fun is just as awesome and flip flops are still an option afterward.

Drive in movie

Make it a classic date night (Photo by greaterfalls via Flickr)

Make it a classic date night (Photo by greaterfalls via Flickr)

The classic date night under the starry open sky, next to your honey, in front of the big white movie screen is still alive in San Diego. The South Bay Drive-In located on Coronado Ave in Imperial Beach offers all the latest movies with the classic outdoor drive-in vibe.

The best part is that they offer two movies for the price of one. Admission is only $7 per person and movie-goers can see great movie combinations like “The Fourth Kind” and “Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant” or “The Box” and “Where the Wild Things Are.”

No other movie theater offers a better deal. Plus, everyone is allowed to bring in outside drinks and food. They even allow lawn chairs and coolers! Get together 50’s style and snuggle up at the drive-in.  Foggy windows are optional.

Even though San Diego is known for its sunny days and endless beaches, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy our beautiful city.  Even when the bathing suit is waiting for next summer.


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