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Local screening of The Yes Men Fix The World

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The Yes Men Fix the World

The Yes Men Fix The World, the much anticipated second documentary film on the artist/activist group The Yes Men, will finally have its San Diego premiere on Friday November 20th, at the Reading Cinemas Gaslamp15 Theaters.  For those of us Yes Men fans who have been waiting patiently (for a very long time) for a local screening of this film, our day has finally arrived!

Wait, just who are The Yes Men?

The Yes Men are probably the most interesting, controversial, outrageous, and popular group of neo-hacker, artist/activist-pranksters making waves in the media today.

The Yes Men’s tactics frequently begin as a simple web site with a similar name and design as an established corporation, business, or political parties’ site. Through these websites people send invitations to a myriad of speaking engagements–thinking they are contacting the real organizations. The Yes Men, posing as high-level officials, are then able to give demonstrations, lectures, and make claims that the real companies would never say—at least not in public.

For example, while impersonating representatives for Dow Chemical in an interview on The BBC World News, The Yes Men (acting as Dow Chemical) accepted full responsibility for the Bhopal Disaster, an industrial disaster at a pesticide plant that left many thousands dead. (The real Dow Chemical takes no responsibility for this disaster.)

This new film shows The Yes Men performing as representatives of companies such as Dow Chemical, Halliburton, and Exxon in both the TV news and at major conferences. The “identity correction” imposed upon these corporations by The Yes Men is brutally honest, frequently hilarious, and always entertaining. Don’t miss your chance to see this film! It’s in limited release and no one knows how long it will be here.

Friday November 2oth Screening times:
1pm, 3:55pm, 5:55pm, 8:05pm 10:15

Reading Cinemas
Gaslamp 15 Downtown
701 5th Ave
San Diego, CA

Katherine Sweetman is a nationally and internationally exhibited artist in the fields of both new media art and documentary video. Her current work deals with online social networking sites and the issues surrounding personal disclosure in the public realm of the World Wide Web. Her major areas of research involve public disclosure of private information in both online and offline environments. She has an M.F.A. from the University of California, San Diego, a B.A. in Arts and Technology from California State University, San Marcos. She is currently a part-time instructor at Cal-State San Marcos and San DIego State University, and the Director of the alternative art space, Lui Velazquez, in Tijuana.

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