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How to Do “Fall” in San Diego

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Fall in San Diego consists of weather in the low 70’s and is the time of year where it finally starts to cool down. This slight weather change excites many San Diego locals, and there are many events in the city that can help you adjust to the new season. These events will help you get in the spirit for the holidays, and will allow you and your family to spend some quality time together.

Get in the spirit for fall at the San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade. The holidays are all about giving back, and this is the perfect event to celebrate those who serve us. Come celebrate this parade on November 11th along with 4,000 veterans who will be in attendance. The event is put on by Veterans Week San Diego, which consists of volunteers who are passionate about giving back to veterans. The festivities start at 11am, so get ready to spend the day showing your support, and celebrating with other locals in San Diego.

Kick off the season of Fall at the 71st annual Mother Goose Parade. There will be floats, entertainment, and live music all available for your enjoyment. This is the largest parade celebration in San Diego County, creating the perfect family day outing. Along with special guests and more than 100 floats, this is truly the best way to welcome the month of November, and the season of Fall. Join the celebration on November 19th starting at 1pm.

Enjoy the outdoor scenery of San Diego at the Skating by the Sea from November 23rd through January 1st. This is the 13th annual event of Skating by the Sea, where you can enjoy time with your friends and family, while overlooking the ocean. Held at Hotel del Coronado, the tone is set with holiday music and the beautiful glistening water just feet away.

Make sure to stay fit during the holiday season at the Ride the Point Memorial Charity Bicycle Ride. There are different rides that you can be a part of such as the Family Ride, the 25 Mile Ride, the Metric Century Ride, or the VIP Ride.  You will ride through the beautiful coastline and enjoy the view of the magnificent ocean. Jim Krause started this special ride due to his love for family events and of course bikes. This ride is dedicated to Krause after he passed away from cancer, but he is being remembered as the active and brave man that he was. With only 600 rides, don’t waste time to sign up for this exciting and active event.

Whether you celebrate the holidays with your family or friends, make sure to create special memories with the people you love. Create memories at the amazing events that San Diego has organized for the locals, and create new traditions with you and your family. Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to celebrate the crisp air, family time, and make the most out of the best time of the year.

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