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How The College Football Playoff Season Is Stacking Up

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This college football season is shaping up to be one for the history books, and with playoffs right around the corner, ranking is shifting among teams. With the regulars like Alabama, Georgia, and Clemson, other teams are grinding to achieve success in the playoffs. Let’s go through some of the top contending teams and see how they’ll stack up when the competition begins to get even tougher.

This whole season we have seen The University of Alabama at the number one spot, but with the recently released playoff rankings, but the University of Georgia has since taken that number one spot. The Bulldogs clinched this spot in the rankings after their amazing performance against the Florida Gators. As of now, they are sitting with an undefeated record, and have had one of the toughest schedules in the nation. To get past the powerhouse that is Alabama football, they will have to enter the postseason with their undefeated record intact. Even then, the competition will be stiff. Their sophomore quarterback, Jacob Eason, will have to compete at the most elite levels to bring the University of Georgia a championship home.

Ranked second is The University of Alabama, which is well known as the most elite football program in the entire country. Also boasting an undefeated record, the Crimson Tide has been absolutely dominating almost every single team they have been played this season. Alabama boasts an impressive young quarterback, Jalen Hurts, who is a double threat being an excellent passer and runner. In addition, Bo Scarbrough is phenomenal as their star running back, with his signature aggressive running that crunches up yardage. As of now, Alabama is the favorite choice for football analysts in regards to going to the championship game, and it’s looking like they’ll be correct.

Clemson University, a highly regarded football program for many years, was the winner of last years college football championship. Currently, they are sitting at number four on the rankings, but they are seen to be a top contender that has the potential to make it to the final four. They have moved their way up the playoff rankings, with recently being bumped from number six. With their upcoming schedule, Clemson could potentially clinch the title in their division depending on whether they win against Florida State next week, or if North Carolina State loses one of their final three games. If Clemson makes it to the championships with Alabama, it would pose to be a brutal showdown with Alabama vying to get revenge on their devastating loss last year.

Other contenders in the road to the playoffs include Notre Dame, Miami University, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. Though they are a little further down the rankings, they could find themselves facing some of the best football teams in the nation. The national championship will take place in the new year on January 8. If this game is anything like last year’s, the. you’ll be sure to find it absolutely exhilarating. So plan your party accordingly and be ready to see some phenomenal football.

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