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Experience a pop-culture playground (no badge required) during San Diego Comic-Con 

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San Diego Comic-Con is so much more than what’s happening inside the Convention Centers walls. The Experience allows all of San Diego to enjoy the thrill and magic of Comic-Con – with or without badges. Head down to the Lexus Premier Lot next to Petco Park and the Convention Center to enjoy a 40-foot inflatable shark, bungee rides, escape rooms and a newly announced evening entertainment schedule at ‘The Experience.’

The Experience is powered by Grandesign in collaboration with San Diego Padres. It will make its debut during San Diego Comic-Con to bring fans closer to the action than ever before. From July 19-22, the three-acre blacktop will transform into a pop-culture playground equipped with food trucks, a beer garden, VIP lounges, evening entertainment and a myriad of activations from some of the largest Comic-Con-esque brands. Today, The Experience also announces its evening entertainment schedule including a screening of Spider-Man: Homecoming (presented by Atom Tickets), live music from the Band from TV and eSports competitions.

Enjoy this rare Comic-Con open-to-the-public event that will feature lots of fun for the whole family, and some great photo ops, including Discovery Channel’s 40-foot inflatable “Sharkzilla” chomping on beach chairs and the ever-so-popular Jurassic Park Jeep Wrangler.

Guests can indulge in treats from Hello City Café and other food trucks, mimick Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger powers while connected to bungees, test Ghostbusters World’s newest mobile AR game at its first public demo, and so much more. Stay into the evening and check out their newly-released lineup of entertainment as well.


6:00PM – Jurassic Park Presented By NBC 7 / Telemundo 20 San Diego

8:15 PM – Freeform Presents Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Episode 8

12:00 PM – Fortnite eSports Play with the Pros

6:30 PM – Music by Saint Heart

7:30 PM – Grandesign Presents the Band From TV

5:00PM – eSports: Fortnite: Pros vs Pros

8:00PM – Atom Tickets Presents Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: Homecoming

11:00AM – eSports: Fortnite: Play with the Pros



Lexus Premier Lot
58 11th Ave. San Diego, CA 92113

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