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Creepy Facts About San Diego

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With Halloween right around the corner, those looking for some horror may not need to look any further than their very own city. That’s right, San Diego is home to some creepy facts that are to sure to make your skin tingle. Ranging from paranormal oddities, to creepy history, San Diego is surely a city that has its fair share of spooky facts.


Go back into the past, in 1849, a cemetery was established by the Catholic Church. Named “El Campo Santo” or The Holy Field”, it was used extensively all the way through the 1880’s. Home to 447 graves, the cemetery is home to may notable people, including several of the founding members of the city of San Diego. However, in the late 19th century, the city began to modernize, and the cemetery eventually became paved over to make way for roads and sidewalks. Now known by many as San Diego’s Old Town District, there have been reports of haunting phenomena. In fact, in 1993, a group of people used radar equipment to determine that are at least 20 graves still underneath the avenue. The people living around this area have for a long time now reported problems with electricity and applicable malfunctioning. Some have said they have felt extreme cold spots in an otherwise warm night whilst walking through the avenue. Many residents have sworn they’ve seen apparitions and even complete ghosts hovering over the street, and some have even mistaken them for costumed actors. The activity was so pronounce in the 90’s, that locals called for an exorcism of the area, to purge the paranormal activity from the area. Whatever it is, if you’re into spooky stuff like this, it may pay to check it out.


Known by many as a beautiful where children play, picnics are had, dogs are walked, and people enjoy the outdoor air, Pioneer Park is located in the heart of Mission Hills. What many people don’t know is this area used to be a massive cemetery called Calvary Cemetery, and was home to over 400 graves. Records show that those who were buried at this cemetery were often the victims of brutal deaths, including accidents, drownings, and murder, with many being children. The last burial took place in 1960, then the following is years saw the cemetery erode away and be forgotten. Eventually the headstones were bulldozed, and a park was built over the cemetery. It is creepy to note that while walking through the park, many people cheerfully enjoying themselves have no idea they’re doing so on the thousands of bodies buried beneath the ground. Of course, locals report a high amount of paranormal activity, as it thought to be one of the most haunted areas in San Diego. There are reports of sighting of a female ghost who appears lost and confused, along with cell phones and radios inexplicably turning on and off. If you’re brave enough, go have a look for yourself, but consider yourself warned.

The history of our beloved city has some hidden, yet unsettling facts about it that many are unaware of. With Halloween coming up, now is more the time than ever to experience the unexplained for yourself. If you want to know more about haunted or spooky places in San Diego, check out my previous article here.

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